Monday, October 31, 2011

Ineffective Support Suggests Romney Shills Behind Cain Woes

The Statist GOP (aka Romney backers) can't outright attack Herman Cain. But they can see that he is offered him weak, ineffective support, as he comes under attack. And then, of course, offer him no shelter as the feeding frenzy builds.

This is a follow up of yesterday's The Selective Outrage of Bob Shieffer.

My friend Redbaiter, because he is 18 hours ahead of us American bloggers, was one of the first to write of the Politico originated leaked innuendos of Herman Cain being accused 2 decades ago of sexual harassment. It sounds suspiciously like a rerun of what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas classified as "a high-tech lynching." A media prepping a building up of molehill-to-mountain outrage over what appears to be trivial, nuisance lawsuit type, character assassination.

In response to my informing him of Bob Shieffer on Sunday's Face the Nation:
Redbaiter says:
The hypocrisy of the media is outrageous and yet the Republican party, a pack of cowardly curs, never confront them on it.
To which I followed up about my latest efforts to get the Right to fight back.

Pascal says:
Not just the GOP Redbaiter, but also the so-called Right Wing talkers. They work hand in hand with the GOP old guard just like your backstabbing "conservative" Nats do with the likes of "conservative" Kiwiblog.

This morning Dennis Prager made an issue of both the Bob Shieffer railing against smoking and the Politico smear that you highlight.
I called and got through to the show. The screener liked what I had to say and put me on hold.
My point was “Bob Shieffer’s selective outrage against Candidate Cain ('you have the responsibility') and not President Obama (given all these years he had the chance) exposes the Democratic bias at CBS.” Given that we EXPECT a media feeding frenzy, this proven exposure could be used over and over again to undermine the propaganda mills.

About 25 minutes later Mr. Prager made indirect reference to my point when he said “I think I’m going to concentrate on the charges of sexual innuendo from here on it” just before my line went dead.

One would think it important to demonstrate the bias of the media as the inconsistency of which I speak reveals. Well, that is, if one REALLY wants to defend Mr. Cain from what appears to be a coming media feeding frenzy. I'm sorry folks, but it is definitely worth getting this point floating out there. Mr. Prager even set the segue for it. And then he bailed. Why? I'm suspicious because several of Mr. Prager's cohosts at Salem Broadcasting are Romney backers from way back.

RB. What more can our blogs do to help Mr. Cain especially given that the GOP and popular talk show hosts will not SPEAK of that blatant bias? Just as you condemn Farrar, I condemn Medved, and Hewitt and Prager and God knows who else.

I will next try to get my point aired by Mark Levin. I might have more success if some more people tried to make this point so that it cannot be ignored as Mr. Prager did today. 
[I emailed Mr. Levin before his show, but Mr. Levin never even mentioned the Face the Nation prequel to this; so I failed in that attempt too.]

The logical question is: If the Democrats had this information, why would they release this information today while Mr. Cain is the front runner for the GOP nomination and not wait until a year from now to release it? This smells of DAMNED SKUNCs. This smells like the work of Romney backers who got some help from the dumbest members of the Leftoid propaganda mills.

Bottom line folks: Conservatives, if you want to save your country you have got to be much more suspicious. Your battle in not only with the Left you know. You must battle the closet leftists in the GOP and in "conservative" media. Get in the faces of the GOP hacks who are trying to undermine Herman Cain with flacid arguments. Assume that they want a "Progressive" Republican to be the GOP nominee next November. Fight back.

***Update tip from Redbaiter ****

Politico's Vogel Won't Reveal If Rival Was Source For Cain Story
Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel refused to tell CNN's Wolf Blitzer if a competing Republican candidate's campaign tipped his outlet off about sexual harassment allegations placed against Herman Cain when he ran the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s.

When pressed several times Vogel would not fully capitulate to Blitzer. However, Vogel did hint that it was a possibility, but wouldn't confirm nor deny it.
My suspicious instincts are still proving their worth.


  1. I could have let the supposed accusations go. But amazingly enough, it was this which is telling me he is not presidential timber.

    Sadly, Palin has much the same concern. There are telling gaps of ignorance, ignorance of a type which can not be afforded in this day and age. Ignorance, which an individual running for this office should have either been personally aware of (and thus made an effort on their part to self correct), or would have had the presence of mind to have hired staff which should have noticed same and corrected it. Or there was (is) such a monumental ego involved as to make such education an impossibility.

  2. If you're saying that his staff hasn't worked out how he could lay out the various ways in which the Left has treated him contemptuously for driving conservative while black, you're right. I don't see how that disqualifies him though. We are traveling in new territory here. The feeding frenzy continues to mount and ANYTHING he says is headlined disingenuously -- as was that link you provided. He clarified that the sexual harassment charges were not racially based but because he's a non-standard candidate and conservative.

    I'm among those who said he has been targetted both by the Left and the SKUNCs, not because he's black, but because he appears to be a legitimate outsider despite my early concerns.

    Regarding the Left and SKUNCs. Why do I continue to make a distinction? It is true, that based on their shared hatred for American Constitutional limits, it's hard to tell the difference -- as you point out. For me the difference is that the Left makes no effort to hide their hatred. It's the Statist GOP Progressives who are wolves in sheep's clothing and are guilty of sticking knives in backs of other members of the GOP who want to defend the constitution.


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