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Synopsis of Pascal Fervor

 Last updated:  March 19, 2011
What I mean by Pascal Fervor is suggested at the top of my sidebar. Blaise Pascal disliked those who destroyed things and especially people he thought good. These destroyers so aroused his ire that he dedicated his genius to defeating them. I, your humble commentator, call that sort of dedication "Pascal Fervor." I've tried to take clues from Pascal so as to move somewhat in the manner he did. However, lacking his genius and position of  influence, my efforts to overturn those forces that would destroy the American Dream may not be anywhere near so successful.  As a result, I sometimes call myself Pascal (the derivative.) That is, I have endeavored simply to move in the direction to which he was pointing.
The inclination of Blaise Pascal operating on a fixed moral plane.

This page was composed to inform you what this blog has concentrated upon most. If you'd like to help me in my battles, I provide a simple start at Irrationality Topples Kings.

What troubles me about our contemporary world is no secret. I've written about it repeatedly here and on my old website. Nearly every institutional policy and event that leaves us shaking our heads and thinking "I don't understand" may be explained by it to some extent. We tend to think of ourselves as so very advanced, but we humans are falling prey to the same sirens that have trapped us and killed us since antiquity.

The single most debilitating thought in our world is not often spoken, but I see it underlying everything today.
Sustainability is the arch concern of "very important" people who are acting on behalf of the fear -- but disguised as prudence by invoking the high sounding "Precautionary Principle" -- that there are too many people on earth. It forms the foundation for what I call their new morality. Unceremoniously, incrementally, they have been superseding the Judeo-Christian morality that is core to the culture that created the United States.
It means that a minimum number of people aim to maximize human decline with a minimum of fuss. To reduce the fuss, old wounds and feuds and prejudices and covetousness have been rejuvenated. We will be permitted to reduce ourselves. This blog remarks on the numerous instances where the evidence for this shows itself.

That is the short explanation of what is going on. I bet it's not enough for most "advanced" people. So, should you think you may need it, I've more.

What I am trying to do is pass along to you in this blog are observations driven by intuitive inquiry and conclusions reached by means of analytical skills I use as an engineer. Reading them may help you protect your life. Any difficulties you have in understanding me may not only be because I can be too esoteric (obscure) or too concise (insufficient details), but also because writing is a skill that I'm still developing and not easily.  If you're unsure of anything, please don't be embarrassed for me or for yourself. Be inquisitive and ask me for more details. I will attempt to answer.

It is my hope that many of you can simplify what I am saying to reach many more people than I could ever hope to do. That is the only way I know to maximize my impact -- to rely on decent people to get my warnings out to those they care about and build blocs to block the machinations of those who would eliminate all unselected individuals.


Those who find themselves in positions of power and influence tend to be pessimists. Why that is I have done a bit more than speculate on my own and other sites. But why is not nearly as important to you, the individual, as first recognizing that the pessimism is there, in horrifying amounts, and then comprehending where all that angst is leading.

I find it logical and significant that Malthusianism which preceded Marxism came into being at roughly the same time that mankind achieved unprecedented liberty and then quickly gained the ability to thrive as never before. I also find it compelling to note that both deadly ideologies -- one from the start, the other proven to be -- have been and are heavily fostered and accepted by the highly positioned and/or the well-to-do who have self-styled themselves as Progressives."

The furtherance of these ideas has become such accepted thinking in the splendid halls of "intelligentsia," that any who dare utter an optimistic word -- such as those who believe in a God who has promised to always provide -- are shouted down, marginalized, and persecuted.

And generic hatred of mankind other than oneself -- misanthropy-- underlies it all. I've witnessed it as have nearly everyone who is reading this blog when you bumped elbows with them. It is that sense of dread and loathing oozed by some in the upper classes for the "repulsive" middle class that ever strives upward to join them.

Malthusianism lent to the hatred a sense of morality ("we only wish to reduce human numbers so a better man may live on and well").
Marxism lent to it the notion that what is bad for individuals (take from the earner and given it to the one who whines) was in the best interests of the collective and thereby "socially just."

The Marxist/Socialist/Collectivist is a world where brotherly morality has been turned upside down (promote envy of and legalize theft from an owner so the getter needs not steal) is good.

Conclusively, be it from stated aims or historical results, Malthusians and Marxists are nothing short of misanthropic death cultists in "social" moralist disguise.


  1. We're moral, so that proves there's a God? Is that what you're getting at Pasc (in most of your posts)?

    Blaise Pascal sure was hung up on morality.

    Simple can be good, obfuscation never is.

    Please read "The Road". Simple prose, big ideas. Or the "Old Man and the Sea".

  2. I doubt I ever said that "we're moral." I think we all have a conscience to some extent. Even animals show they have something like it -- as in they act like they know they're going to be scolded after doing something they've been trained not to do.

    And I don't see how, if we are moral, how that proves that there is a God. Have you read of someone claiming proof on that account?

    In what ways was Pascal hung up? In what ways was he not? On balance, do you think in his short 39 years he could have achieved so much if he were hung up on a single idea? Elaborate on your assertion a bit better and maybe we can gnaw on it.

    What specifically is obfuscated?

  3. Sorry a little rushed this am.


    "And I don't see how, if we are moral, how that proves that there is a God. Have you read of someone claiming proof on that account?"

    Here is a great article on the above.

    I don't believe in God, and if there's a God, like in the above article, he doesn't need worship, no heaven, no hell, etc. He doesn't really matter.

    Regarding morality, Blaise Pascal "denounced casuistry as the mere use of complex reasoning to justify moral laxity and all sorts of sins."

    And isn't all sin just someones ideas of morals?

  4. "The Road" An Oprah Book club Book. No.

    "Old man and the sea". Written by a notorious unrepentant drunk. No.

    If you base any part of your worldview on any of this crap, you are, by definition, a moron.

    Here's an idea: Have an original thought. Stop acting out your life from the playbook of the liberal. Look at the world with open eyes rather than through the filter of your misguided heroes.

    Nah, that'll never happen.

    "I don't believe in God, and if there's a God,"

    Do you even see how this is the stupidest thing a human being can say? Either you don't believe in Godf and there is no god, or you do belive in god, and there is a god. Sounds like you only don't know what the fuck you believe.

    "And isn't all sin just someones ideas of morals?"

    Nice. Never before has such and utter lack of understanding of a subject been demonstrated by a being with opposable thumbs.

  5. Pascal, you need a hobby. Arguing the finer points of morality with a cabbage will eventually drive you crazy. Go fishing, or go for a long drive in a hot sports car.

  6. og, you curly haired churlish little cur, If God created the universe, then walked off, who needs him? What difference does it make? But I don't believe in any God, but could live with one like above. And you nuts would be a little easier to live with also.

    Einstein called Christians childish, who am I to argue?

  7. This discussion between Ray and Og belongs at this other thread Something Eternally Undeniable.

    This synopsis thread is about my long fight against the death cults and why you shouldn't be surprised as they gain the upper hand.

    Ray doesn't believe there are any death cults I guess because Palin made a potential tactic of theirs prominent.

    Please take the God dispute to the proper thread.

    Thanks Gentlemen.

  8. "og, you curly haired churlish little cur"

    Wow! Your mom has a dictionary right there next to the computer! Lucky for you "Churclish" and "Cur" were on the same page so you didn't have to work too hard to find mean sounding names to call me.

    Listen, you anencephalic brat, when I call you a moron, it is not a slur nor an insult but a statemment of fact. I am neither churlish nor a cur, but I'm amused that you think those things apply to me.

    You are certain beyond all doubt that God created the universe, and yet you don't believe in god. You are certain there is no god but there might be a god. You are certain that god created the universe and walked off so nobody needs him.

    You may not be capable of the awareness necesary to comprehend this, but a: you lack the intellect to convince anyone of your stunted and misguided theories, even if they contained any coherency, which clearly they do not, and B; the only person you are really trying to convince is you, since you know in your deepest heart that you are wrong, and you only shout and spew your nonsense so you can hear yourself do it, and lend credence to your own faith. Yes, you vacuous fool, faith that there is no god is also faith, for you can no more prove there is no god, while you are alive, than I can prove that there is.

    There's a line between faithful and unfaithful, and everyone can see it. And there's a line between the faithful and those who need no faith but are intrinsically aware of the existence of the creator, and I was born on the other side of that line. I have no more use for faith than a dog, because you don't need faith to tell you something you know is true.

    Einstein couldn't wipe his ass. That the standard you want to follow? there's a term for that: Idiot Savant. Please, whatever you do, don't try to emulate the "Savant" portion of einstein, make sure you emulate the "idiot" part.

    Sorry, P, don't mean to hijack the thread. Fact is, you can't expect Rei to stick to the topic, because once he knows his point can be completely disproven, like all libs, he will deflect and head off on a tangent to prevent himself from learning anything. Have to go get some stuff done anyway, so Rei will come back and yell "Oh, Yeah?" and in his mind he will have won the discussion.

    Which other blogger scraped this turd off his shoe on your blog again?

  9. Curly haird. heh. Suppose you might as well be wrong about everything.

  10. "This synopsis thread is about my long fight against the death cults"


    JC Pasc, why didn't you just say that in the first place? Oh, if JC and GD offends you, please let me know.

    Do you really believe that end of life counciling is the start of the death cults? And you believe that there's a plan to start ridding the world of people, because there are too many?

    And tell og he sounds more like a Chihuahua, than a cur. You know high strung and yaps a lot :-)

  11. pity, rei, you're too cowardly to say any of this except from the safety of your moms keyboard. It might actually be amusing if you had the balls to say any of this to my face, but like all of your ilk, your bravado extends only to your fingertips. Pathetic, really.

    Yapping chihuahua? using my own insult back at me. You don't even realize you just failed the turing test, eliza

  12. Why not go to the link Pasc suggested. I have new items for you there.

  13. you're not worthy of my effort. You are merely a toy for me to play with until i am bored, and you have become a bore. you were always a bo

  14. Another cowardly con. Talks big, talks tough, but is really like the cowardly lion on the Wizard of Oz.

  15. Pasc, "The Institute of Medicine estimated in 2004 that perhaps 18,000 deaths a year among adults could be attributed to lack of insurance.", from NY Times. If a group wants the poor dead, it sounds that group is the cons. Plus the insurance companies today, deny treatments to their customers, as often as they possibly can. And people often die. So they hate humans also?

  16. If a group wants the poor dead, it sounds that group is the cons

    LOL Hey Ray? Og called it before you wrote it:

    The software would “respond” to input by reversing questions on you, using your discussion points back at you, etc. -- [emphasis added]

    That Neanderthal sure has foresight, or insight, or both!


    I didn't know he could post a whole blog entry from a cell phone. I bet that's not easy. Thanks for the effort OG!

  17. Silly silly og. Believes in imaginary beings whispering sweet imaginary words into his empty skull. Who listens to anyone hearing imaginary voices, except others hearing similar voices?

    Why do cons and Christians hate the poor so much? Doesn't God mention helping the poor more times than anything else (except loving Him)?

    Comon Pasc, you aren't going to be a coward also, and cut me off?

  18. Ok Pasc, let me get this straight. Obama wants him and God to work together to kill humans? And isn't that what God's going to do in the end (apocalypse) anyway? And hasn't God killed more humans than even humans have?

    Plus he made us so imperfect that we crap out and die after awhile anyway.

  19. "And generic hatred of mankind ... -- misanthropy"


    JC Pasc, the above sounds like God. So is man God, and God man? Eureka! Jesus Christ was both man and god. And god and man.

    JC, Pascal, you are a GD genius.

  20. Boy ray...
    Are you still shitting on Pascal's front porch? I'd smack your ass if you did this crap in my house. Come to think of it, how did you like getting your retarded ass banned and deleted?

  21. I got to admit Dick.
    In his role as a prick
    He has a some knack
    that i surely lack.

  22. I get tired of these clowns and euthanize their asses.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. GD Pasc, why are you so gloomy? You want to see doom and gloom, go read "The Road". It has an apocalypse, violence, etc. Extremely well written. Simple prose, and you can probably finish it in 6+ hours (I think about that long). Oh and the world depicted in it has a lack of resources, as they've all been destroyed, and so have most humans. And no monsters and such. Just a man and his son, nature, other men, survival.

  25. Reaper got trounced and now he mutates into RayGun.

  26. Pascal, you are anything but a terrible writer. If you vocabulary is such that it allows for you to find, and use the most correct word (or words) in getting the full intent and meaning of what you are trying to say on "paper", than you are a most excellent writer indeed.

    That your readers (or at least the trolls) are unable to understand your verbiage, that is their problem; one which is easily remedied by using a dictionary and or thesaurus as needed.

    One final note, as an aside. I thought I had added you to the new home on the web's blog roll, this was not the case, but has been taken care of.

  27. Guy; I am often told the exact opposite, even by fans.

    Just today something that Fran Porretto once said struck home with a vengeance. He said I speak to my readers as if I expect them to know of what I am speaking.

    Your comment could not have come at a better time. It was good to hear.

    Thank you.

  28. Pasc, maybe try writing another way. Maybe mention what Marxists have to do with this day and age. What about Malthusianism and misanthropy? Are you bringing up that past and saying that's where Obama is headed?

    "blocs to block the machinations of those who would eliminate all unselected individuals"

    Hitler? Obama? JC Pasc, Obama wants to help the poor, as the good lord said to do.

  29. Guy S, why not make a comment on this piece?

  30. og explained succinctly: religious lunatic.

    They're not all cowards like you og the dog, the churlish cur (but not curley, instead bald).

  31. Og, It works. You link to a substantive description that includes links explaining operation of such devices.

    The device comes back with a similar line pertaining to you, but without the substance, and including ad hominems that you hadn't.

    Do you suppose that was an invitation for you to escalate?

  32. Tell og the dog, to comment on your post. And to keep it succinct. No one wants to listen to him babbling.

  33. Oh-oh, Og. The device is now mixing conclusions from different threads.

    It extracted the word babblingfrom You're Not Surprised 2, my most recent post and hurled it unprovoked.

  34. comon oggey, lets discuss

    "Synopsis of Pascal Fervor"

  35. I've added a few hot links to aid you in answering some of the questions you raise.

    Try your best not to make Og look to astute -- he's only a Neanderpundit.

  36. P: I think there's an algorithm that allows it to deflect off to tangents nominally related to, but not cogent to, the discussion. I wonder what happens if you feed it information that it doesn't know are it's own stupidity?

  37. Ok Thanks for links. But will the links tell me who the modern evil human haters are? Do I have to figure out who they are? I already gave that my best shot.

    Back in bit.

    Tell og to see if he can keep on subject and talk about your post.

  38. That's almost textbook, isn't it, P? it's been told to stay on topic, it wanders off, and then tells other commenters to stay on topic, while still ignoring the topic itself. Nice code. Weizenbaum would be proud.

  39. "There you go again", og.

    Comon Pasc, I need to know who the evil people haters are. Anyone that sees abortion as a right is an evil person hater?

    Comon Pasc, help my poor tired brain out here. Help me cut through all them isms.

    Tell og we can put my poor troll skills on trial later. At his house. Unless he's a coward.

  40. Bingo! The final missing piece of the puzzle, ad hominem. You owe me a buck, Pascal. it did exactly what I told you it would do.

  41. Wow og, your startling prescience is indeed wondrous. But too bad you are such a coward and only post my words that you choose. If you can't stay on the topic of Synopisis, and are too scared to debate me in your house of cards, then I will just have to go back to mocking you. It is quite fun.

  42. P, this is wonderful. It's starting to become unhinged.

    "If you can't stay on the topic of Synopisis, and are too scared to debate me"

    How much more perfect? it won't debate for fear of it's pet theories being exposed for the fraudulent claptrap thye are, and as soon as people stop engaging it's claptrap thories it wants to be taken seriously.

    Will you use this in a class, or just post about it?

    "I will just have to go back to mocking you. It is quite fun."

    As if it had the intellect to say anything that mocked me. What a hoot!

  43. Following your links in Synopsis. Pasc.

    Pascs definition of Progressive:

    Progressive - [MW] n. 1a: one that is progressive; 1b: one believing in moderate [incremental] political change and esp. social improvement by governmental action. adj. 5 often capitalized : of or relating to political Progressives.


    Dictionary.coms definition:


    1. favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, esp. in political matters: a progressive mayor.
    2. making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc.: a progressive community.
    3. characterized by such progress, or by continuous improvement.
    4. (initial capital letter) of or pertaining to any of the Progressive parties in politics.
    5. going forward or onward; passing successively from one member of a series to the next; proceeding step by step.
    6. noting or pertaining to a form of taxation in which the rate increases with certain increases in taxable income.
    7. of or pertaining to progressive education: progressive schools.
    8. Grammar. noting a verb aspect or other verb category that indicates action or state going on at a temporal point of reference.
    9. Medicine/Medical. continuously increasing in extent or severity, as a disease.

    If you hate progress, by the above definition, go back to blood letting. Who doesn't want progress?



    1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.
    2. cautiously moderate or purposefully low: a conservative estimate.
    3. traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness: conservative suit.
    4. (often initial capital letter) of or pertaining to the Conservative party.
    5. (initial capital letter) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Conservative Jews or Conservative Judaism.
    6. having the power or tendency to conserve; preservative.
    7. Mathematics. (of a vector or vector function) having curl equal to zero; irrotational; lamellar.

    Who would not want to be a progressive and would want to be a conservative by the above's definitions?

  44. og, you scurrilous little dog. You remind me of the little high strung type which yaps and yaps and yaps. Baaaa hhhhaaaa haaaaaa cough, cough, cough. Gd I have to quit laughing so hard. Go hide you little cowardly dog, or we can play in your house of cards if you won't block my posts.

    You cons are mostly cowards, hence your new moniker cowardly cons.

    Pasc is the bravest among you, but wish he could contain his dogs.

    Pasc, who are the gd human haters that want to kill all the humans? You're making me nervous and I have already re-loaded my shotgun. Do, these human haters, hate me to, do you think? According to your definition of Misanthrope they do. Oh GD, gd, gd.

  45. Back to ad hominem. Pascal, you can find them like nobody else. And the illustration of all that is good about conservatism with all that is demonstrably bad about progressivism while claiming the other tact is priceless- it proves itself wrong while using it as proof that it's right. You need to save this whole exchange in case it gets lost.

  46. "You need to save this whole exchange in case it gets lost."

    I am fairly new at this troll business, so thanks.

    Pasc, you aren't letting your dog do all the talking are ye? Who else talks about your posts but me?

    Pasc, you really mocking the cons, aren't you? I get it, I'll play along. shhhhh... delete this comment, I wont hold it against you.

  47. The software has selectivity. It left off the wolf-in-sheeps-clothing portion of my glossary entry of the "Progressives" and their incremental tricks.

    "any one or group of schemers and their nurtured intellectuals fomenting the never-ending pursuit of centralized power achieved by robbing individuals of their freedoms a little bit at a time; relentless, deceitful powerhungerers."

    Our Eliza somehow missed the scorn quotes I try always to remember to place upon the proper noun, "Progressives."

    Do you suppose that was deliberate?

    Say, that you know of, has an Eliza ever looked under a statist rock in the same manner it reflexively pries up every foundational rock of those of the anti-statists?

    For instance, why has it stayed away from the favorite meme of the "Progressives:" Postmodernism?

  48. That would help expose it's own weaknesses. not gonna happen.

  49. Pasc, buddy, we're getting to the heart of the problem. Why not define "Postmodernism" as you defined "progressive" (with a link) so we know exactly what the fk you are talking about? Cons definitions often don't match the common users definitions of the same said words.

  50. Ah, and now the crux of the problem: "I don't like your definition, so I will choose to believe only my definition". Nice.

  51. But wouldn't we agree that my definition of "progressive" is mostly not bad (couched as, ..., well never mind) ? is a major web site by the way.

  52. But wouldn't we agree that my definition of "progressive" is mostly not bad (couched as, ..., well never mind)?

    "couched as a wolf in sheep's clothing."

    The devil easily occupies roles pleasing to the ear and eye. Reality arises not in words nor appearances but from actions. And oft as not it strikes hard.

  53. Here is the best exploration of Postmodernism I've found.

    And this is my most recent exposure of it.

    The "Progressives" leave little doubt that progress for them is regress for you.

  54. "The devil easily occupies roles pleasing to the ear and eye. Reality arises not in words nor appearances but from actions. And oft as not it strikes hard."

    JC Pasc, face it, you're a religious zealot. How do you get off calling yourself an "agnostic"? There is no GD devil.

    Pasc, do you really think there is a "devil"? How do you define "devil"?

  55. Make that: reality strikes hard more oft than not.

  56. "The "Progressives" leave little doubt that progress for them is regress for you. "


    JC Pasc, conservatives, by definition (my definition) tend to live in the past. God, founding fathers,tyranny, etc.

    Progressives, by definition (my definition)tend to live and learn. Blood letting does not work, etc.

    Who doesn't want to learn from the past, and discard what doesn't work, and apply what does?

  57. LOL. Eliza meta-morphs to a metaphorical dimbulb when it suits her Og.

    Without doubt, Norman Mailer was an atheist. Still he managed a phenomenally accurate observation of the human condition as we strive to great heights.

    "The more a man can achieve, the more he may be certain that the devil will inhabit a part of his creation."

    There are consequences unforeseen is seldom doubted. That there are schemers active in our world, that too is seldom doubted. So why is it difficult to imagine schemers seeking consequences that large numbers would dislike?

    It's not difficult unless 1) you are a schemer, 2) you are a fool, 3) you are both, 4) you are a coward and are afraid to be thought a fool.

    To act as if the word devil can only mean a theologian's term is to be devoid of understanding that nature bestowed upon a housefly.

    That's an analogy, Eliza.

    Program ON:

    See, flies sense when they are about to be swatted and dodge; some humans seem to have lost their survival instincts.

    Fire -- hot -- good;
    touch fire -- burn -- bad.

    Program: End

    Eliza probably knew this once. Do her programming switches still work, Og?

  58. You win again Og.
    Eliza sees no Postmodern.

  59. Og you simple little dog. What language'(s) do you program in?

    JC, Pasc, plz define "devil"?

    Norman Mailer. I want to read his books. He liked to drink, and liked to fight. Sounds like Hemingway to me, whom the og called a drunk. (And whom won a Nobel Prize for "The Old Man and the Sea").

    Mailer sounds pretty good, but not up to Updikes level.

    You ever read the the Rabbit series? Four novels by Updike. And he was a Gd Christian supposedly. One of my favorite series.

  60. Pasc, you don't program computers, do you? And if so, how many years?

  61. Sorry Guys, I digress. I am Ezrod:

    "She's craaaaaaazy," complete with hand motions and bug-eyes.

    While Bachmann has always been a local dick, she didn't come onto the national dick scene until the 2008 election when she accused Barack Obama and many members of Congress of being "anti-American."

    Like her pal Palin, Bachmann is deceptively attractive. While Palin is attractive in a "if she just put down that gun, took off those glasses, and started forming complete sentences" sort of way, Bachmann has the whole girl next door thing working for her. But only if you grew up next to an insane asylum.

    Bachmann has claimed that many of her career moves have been dictated by messages from God. Abraham, Moses...

    Fking hilarious.

    I am a straw man, ad hominem man, etc ...

  62. Pascal, you owe me five bucks now. And a ride in a hot sports car.

    I do love how the ad hominem always seems to extend to the people it most fears; the constant assault on Palin amuses me no end. Who knew a cute mom from the biggest state would be such a perceived threat that the programming/indoctrination forces it to throw in apparently random digs on her. I wonder if there's a frequency correlation? You should try to keep track of how many times it brings up Palin in no relation to anything else. There may be a hint in there to how this crap was assembled.

  63. Damn og, I thought you were hit by a car.

    What language do you program in (regarding Ezira). Comon og, what are you hiding?

  64. og, don't tell me you program in VB?

  65. Here's a thought: I wonder what the last refuge is? it offered to come to my house at one time. And called me a coward more than once, when it is demonstrably the coward in the room.(if a golem can be said to be capable of cowardice)

    I live within a mile of this location:41.49,-87.47.

    If it would show up at that spot, and post here, I'd walk over and meet it. I suspect, however, that the offer was merely spouting off.

    I really do wonder where it's limits are? Think we can push it hard enough that it will actually show up?

  66. the constant assault on Palin amuses me no end.

    The statist programming fits my conjecture.

  67. It's not conjecture anymore.

  68. stat⋅ism 

    1. the principle or policy of concentrating extensive economic, political, and related controls in the state at the cost of individual liberty.
    2. support of or belief in the sovereignty of a state, usually a republic.


    Regarding 2. Do you all want to make Tex and Ak a new country? Palins husband did with AK, and a few cons want to make Tex a new one.

    Just asking.

  69. "It's not conjecture anymore."


    Comon Og, what do you program in? VB, Access, Excell, Word?

    Gd, I am getting ready for major coughing fit.

  70. Wow, I guess with the right dictionary you can find a stupid definition of anything, and with enough obtuseness you can deliberately misunderstand any definition.

  71. og, you rodent chasing little cur, I will meet you within one mile of your evil empire MicroSoft. Comon you little og, you can get a free version of VB there. I live very close to Gates, your idol.

    Comon, tell me, what do you program in?

  72. og,You little cur, "offered to come to my house at one time", your house was in reference to your house of cards web site. The Neo man site, pos. I will come and debate you there. If you agree to post everything I post.

    I am not like a con, and talk big and ... I would never suggest real violence. Don't be scared.

    But... cons, are cowardly, so I understand your aprehension.

  73. Comon Pasc, who's the GD devil and who's the evil human haters? I give up, you got me.

    ps; I still think God is the human hater.

  74. Eliza, what is your email address? Og requires a real one. Provide that, remain civil, don't bore him, I think he'll let you stay. Maybe. Email addresses are hardly like leaving your home address nowadays.

  75. "Eliza, what is your email address?"

    Ok thats fair I guess (why the fk does he need a real email for?). Ill create one on gmail or such. He has to swear he will not let me spend time on a post, and then not post it.

    You agree og?

    Comon, og, Im begging you. RPG,Pasal(sorry Blaise),Fortran,COBAL,Basic,FoxPro, what??? You programmed Ezira, you should be able to tell me what's the gd language... SmallTalk,Java,C++,C,Python,PHP,Ruby, what? I know most of those.

    And please keep it succinct og and let's begin with the hard stuff, religion (god, etc). Please create a succinct topic (religion (god, etc, I am cutting through the bs)) and lets go from there.

    I think Pasc is getting tired of this flood of posts. (He never did answer me on who the evil human haters are, but I think I know....)

  76. "Eliza, what is your email address?"


    Wait a GD second, I gave little Dick the fake email, and he closed the comments on me.

    The GD og (I posted something way bigger) then the post didn't show up (protecting his supposed girlfriend (Joan)) if I remember correctly.

    The GD little Dick was the invalid email problem, not the little churlish cur og.

    They are both cowards.

  77. Comon Pasc, who's the GD devil and who's the evil human haters? I give up, you got me.

    You must be programmed to prove what a genius is our Neanderpundit, Eliza.

    You have ignored the entire half of the equation that includes duplicity. You think its the right (adroit), when our language tells us to suspect the left (sinister).

    Here, I'll try one more time with another of my recent posts: [F]orget all that phony baloney that the Progressives mean well.... [They have inculcated us] to blithely permit Post-modern Luddites to condemn our descendants to the life of premoderns.

    Shape up or ship out. Why waste a discussion on the concept of God with a narrowly programmed bot?

  78. "So I'm posting this title now before it and your author can be officially denounced."

    "So forget all that phony baloney that the Progressives mean well. Post-altruism is how we'll be treated"


    altruism [(al-trooh-iz-uhm)]

    A selfless concern for others.

    JC Pasc, you are.. You sound like Jesus, in your concern for your fellow man.

    Are you a good man?

  79. Pasc, please tell the little churlish cur og, that I am not talking about coming to his literal house, but rather his online house, which is his pos web site. I don't want to scare the little feller.

  80. Not good enough. It is probably because I understand why the Garden of Eden story has relevance.

    I know these people, and I bet that you do too.

    The Garden story tells me why I know of such people AND why such people exist. Paradise, Utopia, Nirvana: Somehow it is never enough.

    It is hard to beat the Bible for revealing human nature. One need not believe in miracles or anything that is supernatural to learn from it.

    And like all knowledge, it can be put to good and bad use. Perhaps you see why I remember that Mailer quote.

  81. "Perhaps you see why I remember that Mailer quote."


    JC, please help me remember the Mailer quote and the context in which it was given. Remember, Mailer is dead, and he drank a lot, and he was a pugilist.

    Hemingway, also. I love Hemingway, and barely have got around to Mailer (who drank a lot also).

    Updike is a genius. Rabit... And he was a Christian.

    og,what language did you program me in again??? Im begging you.

  82. "Eliza, what is your email address? Og requires a real one. Provide that, remain civil, don't bore him, I think he'll let you stay. Maybe"

    Not worth it. I invited it once, and it immediately cast aspersions on other guests and made ad hominem attacks. Not even original ones- "Coward" seems to be all it can muster, with a few meaningless slurs thrown in from time to time,and the bottomline is, there isn't a position it can take that can't be easily refuted, it knows it, and it will never be able to engage in civil discussion. It cannot be educated and is therefore not worth my effort- or, for that matter, yours, unless it amuses you. You have more patience for the willful ugnorant than do I.

    The idea that I would threaten violence!! What a hoot!

    Provide it, maybe. Threaten? never.

  83. JC, please help me remember the Mailer quote and the context in which it was given.

    (JC!) Program: "scroll up."

    Egad, Is Og your programmer? Does he own your backdoor? In all the years I've known him, it took you to prove how brilliant he is!

  84. Og!

    Is Eliza gonna be reciting "Daisy, daisy, give me your answer true." any time soon?

  85. comon og, lets dance. You're a coward.

    I like Joan, she has luscious legs.

    og, please tell me what language you programmed me in. Im begging you.

    Comon, Pasc, give me some context...

  86. "Daisy, daisy,"

    You credit it too much. Hal was capable of cognitive function.

  87. JFC ...

    do you wannabes have a clue??


  88. No matter the good efforts, someone, somewhere, will gain control over the creation and lord it over others. The more the creation becomes needed, the easier it is to lord.

    For instance: your neighbor. His creation was not always needed, but look at the opportunities for mischief, and how many can easily do without it? And who can withstand his demands if they want to be ready for the next generation?

    For instance, HAL 9000, Dr Chopra by proxy. We know what it cost for that episode to end.

  89. "Dr Chopra"

    Jc, Pasc... Chopra... Never mind... I have hard covers.

    You 2 nuts ever see "Mad Men"? The TV series. Try NetFlix, no, commercials.

  90. GD if cons only spent a little more time reading, and not reading fairy tales like in the bible, I think you would be easier to reason with.

    Pasc, the only reason the bible has any semblance of coherence is because it was re-written thousands of times, until most of the major conflicts were eliminated.

  91. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  92. Damn, P, it's still here? And now it's throwing ad hominems against inanimate objects. Nice.

  93. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  94. The preceding comment by "RayGun" was relocated to The Emmanuel Goldsteining of Sarah P to aid comment flow.

  95. I became quite interested in finding out what makes the person who calls himself "Pascal Fervor" tick. But as I started to read through the comments here, the discussion quickly turned towards insults and argument. Sounds a little bit like my blog - but without the extreme human intellectual banter. Not that such a thing is bad, but we are simple people at my blog. Those who argue against my posts will always do so, and those who support my posts will usually always do so (unless what is shared doesn't agree with Scripture).

    No.. I prefer to read God's Written Word, the Bible and follow God's Living Word, Jesus Christ. After all, "the fear (meaning reverence) of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge."

    Pro 1:7 The fear of the LORD [is] the beginning of knowledge: [but] fools despise wisdom and instruction.

    We are also told that the fool hath said in his heart, "there is no God."

    Psa 14:1 ¶ [[To the chief Musician, [A Psalm] of David.]] The fool hath said in his heart, [There is] no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, [there is] none that doeth good.

    What's more, Jesus speaking:

    Jhn 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Jesus fulfilled hundreds of prophecies from the Old Testament in his first earthy mission, why would anyone in their right mind not think that he will fulfill all of the prophecies at the end of the age?

    Good luck with your site, Pascal Fervor. You have your work cut out for you!

  96. Here is my two cents worth on Blaise Pascal:

    "Blaise Pascal"

    1. Tim: Pascal's wager is quite relevant in understanding the man and what drove him. However, I advise you to look at what I consider his most trenchant work -- The Provincial Letters. He was quite unnerving to the Jesuits of the counter-reformation for their vanity and harshness towards traditional Catholics. Traditional Catholics disapproved of the moral laxity the Sorbonne was peddling in hope of restoring influence and power to the RCC.

      He was a genius in so many ways that those who mock the wager (that you reported on) only demean themselves by asserting they are smarter than he.

      Since you hold the wager in such high regard, it would serve you well to know something of his many other creations that have gone on to affect our world so heavily. The Genius of Blaise Pascal.

      I hope you will be glad you found me through Christine's blog.

    2. In very many ways, the SKUNCs of the GOP (what most people foolishly label as RINOs) are a duplicate of what the Jesuits of the Sorbonne were.

      Those Jesuits were towards orthodox Catholics as SKUNCs are towards constitutional Americans.

  97. Just saw this quote today:

    "In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don't. " – Blaise Pascal


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