Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Most Dishonest Brokers of All

The following was prompted by an insightful piece published by Fran Porretto Dishonest Brokers.
     This is the pattern dedicated statists follow: “We need more.” “What do we get in return?” “Sit down and shut up. We need more, and if you protest we’ll defame you, harass you, and call you everything but white.”
     Most important of all: there’s never a “refund clause.” Should the promised benefits (if any) not materialize, the expropriation is not reversed; rather, still more is demanded.
     No private actor could possibly get away with such blatant bad faith exhibited over dozens of transactions. He’d be lucky if a court were merely to strip him naked in restitution. In the Nineteenth Century West, a “snake-oil salesman” who didn’t have the good sense to move on quickly after a round of sales would be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. Some who didn’t were lynched. Yet governments, and those who aspire to rule, get away with far worse betrayals repeatedly.
     I submit that they know what they’re doing and are doing it with malice aforethought.
I agree with Fran whole-heartedly. But still I felt compelled to add this observation because it is one that is frequently skirted. The most dishonest brokers of all are the GOPe. This is a group often known as RINOs, but more accurately labeled as SKUNCs because they are far from tough-skinned and short-sighted, and most definitely stink.

What it takes to remove them from their positions of power should have been objective number one long ago.

Over more than a century of our society being squeezed away from its sane foundations, they have been instrumental in making sure that we never adequately deal with the agents openly demanding of "more." No vise operates with only one arm.

I am certain I am not the first to make this point. Indeed, I am certain that those who preceded me backed off from action because, in large part, they glimpsed the chaos that would ensue and abandoned the crusade. However seemingly well-intentioned, that wishing to avoid the looming chaos has only ensured that our posterity will face much bleaker prospects. There is no doubt that they felt comforted by the likelihood they 'would not be here to endure it.' I feel comfortable in my certitude of what I just wrote because I've lost count of the number of people I've heard actually utter such words.

Justice would see that each of our generation will earn damnation measured on a scale not merely based upon our overt sins, but with an eye jaundiced to the extent that we were cowards in battling the sort of evil embodied in GOPe types.
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