Friday, September 16, 2011

But WHAT Is the Nature of That Disapproval?

The MSM Agency of Lies is having a ball telling us that Congress' approval rating is down at 12%.

They also seemed to be enjoying telling us that the disapproval rating for Congress is way up at 80%.

And I am sure they delight in the following figures too.

  • Disapprove of Republicans 75%
  • Disapprove of Democrats 63%

What they did not disclose is that why I disapprove of Congress. I disapprove of Republicans because they are dominated by an old line leadership that is really in league with the Democrats and the interest groups that influence both parties. Crony Fascism. They are failing to stand firm against further spending because they are cowards in one way or another.

As far as the Democrats are concerned, I don't disapprove of them; I loath them. They wouldn't even still exist as a party if their "Progressive" brothers inside the GOP didn't keep helping them stay alive. Reform the GOP and the Dems will have to fall into line simply because a truly conservative platform would be as super popular as was Ronald Reagan. The sad thing was that even during the Reagan years will still had these Marxist moles burrowing into all our institutions. The good thing about the Left (that works for us) is that Leftist institutions are built on falsehoods, and so cannot stay standing for long. The danger of all that failure is that the country may not have enough solid citizens to recover before we are attacked by the subversive elements that the tyrants have allowed into the country.

I think the bottom line amounts to this: the Congress is at such a low standing because they are allowing the executive and the courts to run roughshod over our individual liberties.

And why do we disapprove of Congressional Republicans more than Democrats?
Because Republicans should know better!

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