Friday, July 27, 2012

Responding to Selwyn Duke's Bill O’Reilly’s Anti-gun Blarney

In Bill O’Reilly’s Anti-gun Blarney , Selwyn Duke had good cause to take on Mr. "No Spin" zone. But I found it hard to accept that Mr. Duke is unaware of an email sent out by a usually more reliable conservative voice, Michael Savage. [Mr. Duke informed me that, to his recollection, he'd not received the email; I have since forwarded him a copy.] For the record, Selwyn Duke has frequently been interviewed on The Savage Nation.

Let's face it Selwyn. O'Reilly has always been a bit squishy. He often plays to the middle ground, even when there really isn't any firm middle ground and only a slippery slope. So I am less concerned by O'Reilly's stance than I am with a very good friend of yours, Michael Savage.

I received an email yesterday from the Doc entitled:

'You don't need body armor to hunt deer.'

Deer hunting is an old code word that's been used by SKUNCs whenever they get ready to excuse their complicity with the Left on its latest crackdown on self defense, acting as if they never heard that it's governments who have been the gravest threat to liberty time and again in history.

But even worse than that title, there are his words that disclose that the Doc has abandoned conservative principles in favor of "pragmatic" compromise. Here, let his own words reveal the problem.
  "We conservatives must take the high road and say we are in favor of banning body armor and drum magazines.

That's because unless our side controls what gets banned, we're liable to see things happen that we don't want to happen,"

It's as if he suddenly believes that if conservatives will just give the Statists this they'll be satisfied. Appeasement Dr. Savage? Tell us, when has that worked?

Bottom line: We should have never expected much better from O'Reilly; but I think the Right has good cause to be alarmed by Savage's new course.

Mr. Duke responds:
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