Friday, August 26, 2011

The Latest Marxist Agit-Prop

Is it possible that Ace, who is such a know-it-all, is completely uninformed by the revelations of David Horowitz?

Regarding how Ace responded to Romney hecklers stories at Likely Liberal Plants Continue Heckling Romney.

Ace came up with a viable solution to deal with this latest street theater. And then he frets that it will look bad. Well duh you biggest moron. Is that the extent of your analysis?

Anyone who recalls from one of David Horowitz' books -- I think Radical Son -- how he attended Marxist "summer camps" where agit-prop and street theater were taught and tested and creepy little red monsters emerged. That fact ought to be clear in how brazen are the hecklers as they remain on message and unperturbed to all efforts at ending their disturbance. Romney acts like he's appealing to the understanding of a real human being. That's been totally drummed out of these creeps. All that they want to do, what they are aiming to do, is be kicked out so that the media cameras can catch the desired reaction.

What we do to fight back? Film them in action and run it in counterpoint to the nightly news as portrayed in by the Statist propaganda media.

Why isn't David Horowitz hot on this story? Maybe he WILL be. Sure seems to be where he's got the expertise.

73 How is it that the Moron in Chief here either does not know or -- what is more likely -- does not dare identify this as agit-prop? And then goes on to fret that his prescribed course of actions would look bad. Is that the extent of your analysis Ace? Dare not look bad at all costs? Perhaps you've been made an offer you cannot refuse.
Posted by: Pascal Fervor at August 26, 2011 06:45 AM.
Og quips in IM:
"Agit-prop? Why nobody of any consequence uses that term anymore. It's so 60s."
Yeah, now it is so much easier for SKUNCs to aid the Left in getting away with agit-prop. Like the "victim" Romney here, who would never dream of filling a pedagogical remedial function like a true man opposition should. Or like Ace.

Epitaph for A Wasted Wit

Og: The longer I live, the more I understand how correct Bokonon was.
"Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before. He is full of murderous resentment of people who are ignorant without having come by their ignorance the hard way." --Bokonon
It was a shame that Vonnegut was such a pacifist asshole, plain and simple. All the more unforgivable because he'd witnessed, firsthand, the world's best reason not to be a pacifist.

PF: He lived his life resentful for having survived the Dresden bombing, and was richly rewarded for passing off his bitterness and cynicism as wisdom.

At the end of Cat's Cradle, Bokonon ends his life with his body frozen in time, saluting God with a "kiss my ass" hand signal.

I wonder what message God had delivered to Vonnegut when His agents met him.

There is no doubt the man had talent. That he dwelled so much on a single personal experience, one that he permitted to pervert his entire outlook, makes his life's work a shameful waste.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It Does Little Good to Blame All Our Troubles On Obama

If Right bloggers keep on making this economic and societal debacle unfolding only about The Won and not about the Dem policies that were passed 2007-2010, we are setting ourselves up.

Consider what then happens when things get so bad that even Obama has to consider dropping  his reelection bid (or something worse comes about due to Dem desperation). The Right will find itself in one Hell of a fix when the Left, with help from openly defecting GOP "moderates," fields a new Dem candidate.

The problem is that the hard Left has taken over the Dems, and the SKUNCs still control the GOP.

We need to be running against the Dem-SKUNC axis. Obama did not get where he is without major support from the Dem-SKUNC axis and the oligarchs they work for.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

THIS Is the Way Individuals Must Begin to Speak

"Do not ever underestimate the lengths these bastards will go to. Believe me readers, the fight to continue speaking out against these suffocating totalitarian reptiles is only just beginning."

Our friend Redbaiter explains the rigged game as it plays in New Zealand, but it applies to us all.
"They strictly filter comments with only those that buy into left wing concepts making the cut. For example, they will argue about how much wealth should be distributed, but not allow argument that suggests governments should not redistribute wealth at all."
Which is how talk-radio seems always to work now . Medved has been doing this for a decade, but even Mark Levin's screener did it to me two weeks ago.
"All over the globe the left are getting a severe beating on the internet. Because they cannot control it. Leftists can only win when they’re in control. When they can use tactics like ridicule, or proclaim its time to “move on” or so many other tricks and devices that excuse them from the burden of rational debate. (even run “anonymous” sock puppets under false flag operations to discredit the right, an especially cowardly subterfuge)."

Those sort of words are all that really remain of the talking half of what Og has asserted is essentially a fruitless effort time and time again.

Don't get me wrong here. You may turn a few libs between now and November 2012, and even a few "moderate" republicans before February 2012 (primary races).

But the Statists who slipped in during the Bush regime prepared the way for the many more apparatchiks who came in large masses (through the unbridled-by-Congress Czars) now during the Obama regime. You remember how McCain rebuffed in 2008 any conservatives alarms that Obama was a Marxist with "NO! He's a nice man."

So we will have one Dickens of a fight flushing them from their hide-holes. At our expense is bad enough, but do not put it past these megalomaniacal SKUNCS that they'd accept international assistance to retain their perch.

You must not speak any longer in oh-so-hushed tones such as SKUNC pubbies speak to their Dem brethren. No, you must begin to speak like the SKUNCs speak to us: in harsh and unmistakable tones.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"The Most Trusted Name In News"™

CNN Geography Failure
 H/T Jamie Wearing Fool.

I'm adding this to the Agency of Lies keyword because somewhere along the lines someone will point to CNN as proof that the Tripoli which the rebels have taken is not in Libya, Africa but really is in Lebanon, Asia-minor. The clock starts now.

P.S. For those living outside CNN's fantasy-land,  the rebels of which CNN speaks are in the Tripoli in Libya, N Africa and not the Tripoli in the neighboring continent.

For the record, yes there IS a Tripoli in Lebanon, but there was no reason for it to be in the news until today. It is now because CNN didn't know the difference. 

You may recall an old journalistic ethic that says that news organizations have an obligation to report the news and not to be cause of news (let alone invent it). Should there be a rebellion breaking out shortly in Tripoli, Lebanon, blame CNN for making the suggestion to them.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Rotten Demonization of Anti-Abortionists

The single biggest dirty trick that abortionists and their propaganda arm have done was to paint anti-abortionists as anti-woman. It worked much as reverse psychology works. If those in power deem you must have children, you show them. It worked like a charm, at least since the 1920s, to drive some women to endorse abortion on demand. And thanks to media giving the feminists such a high profile, they did it by telling women it was a way to rebel against The Man. Thus that Leftist boogeyman name for the Establishment wound up having a double meaning that was quite useful for the radical feminists (misandrists).

The reality is that abortionists are an arm of the Left's anti-human squad. That squad is revealed in the following Venn diagram.
Venn Diagram of Anti-Human Sentiments

This diagram suggests that all the hatreds, of men, of women, of marriage and of new births, are all subsets of misanthropy. It should be plain as day that abortion, among all the hatreds above, has played a pernicious role in exacerbating the other hatreds. It was intended to play the primary role in reducing the number of people on the planet. It certainly succeeded in the West through persuasion, and in China through tyranny. The third world's resistance to abortion has advanced the advocacy of post-birth abortions. Once the Globalists attain their dream -- God forbid -- of total control, it is a certainty that any masking of such intentions will be totally discarded.

Here is how you can readily identify abortion as a fundamental program of the Left. The Left almost always modifies a good thing in order to promote a bad thing or to create a bad thing out of a good thing. For example, justice by itself is wholly unfit for the goals of the Left. so they invented and exploited the concept of social justice for ages. And now they're wreaking havoc on our economy with a new one called environmental justice.

And with abortion, the Left has been in full out mode in creating modified humans; subhumans if you will. Here is a partial list of the people being killed by this Leftist program. they are fetuses; they are unwanted children; they are malformed children; they are diseased children; they are functionally impaired children; they are burdensome children, they are unwanted children. Never, no never, are they considered simply children let alone persons.

Dividing up children in this manner has made it possible to convince many parents to hand over their children to the abortion mills. And now the state is on the verge of making it mandatory. How ever they have "modified" the meaning of children, the victims of abortion are still all children.

And none of us should be surprised at this. Tyrants, by their very disregard for their subjects, are full out misanthropes. They value people only to the extent that they are useful, and then discarded when deemed of no further use. Subdividing children in this manner is simply another form of divide and conquer: the despots' favorite means to achieve their end.

The public is constantly preached to about how we must fight the Left's invented "fears." Homophobia, Xenophobia, and Islamophobia for instance. But of the Left's deadly misanthropy, you hear hardly a word -- unless you come to this blog. Why is that? Hmmmm?

Once again, here is the question that virtually everybody in power or behind a microphone pretends not to hear:
How is it that we never hear you direct a harsh word at the Malthusian, Utilitarian and Green nutcases?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You're Getting Off the Point

Some of my readers may be grateful that I recalled the 1991 Albert Brooks comedy "Defending Your Life" yesterday. This link I've deliberately begun at 5:28 made possible by a feature newly discovered at Youtube.

Or for those who would rather work your way to 5:28, here's the embed.

At least one of you will particularly like the interchange at 8:13. This is an example of what the lying media keeps trying to pull brazenly in the face of all contrary proof. It is also reminiscent of what Alan Derschowitz says he resorts to (but with more skill) when he's faced with facts and evidence he knows runs against his case.

I recalled this because the MSM and talkradio (a vanishing distinction) are not the only place we find this subterfuge-balderdash.

I hope you are grateful, as am I, for one tough cookie having provided us a training ground to fight this sort of thing; especially the frustration. He did it again only yesterday. This interchange provides an example in microcosm of the game the public louts have been playing with us. It contains many elements of the frustrations they throw at us.
It ends with a prod to move on.
Its lesson: Do not await another party to tell you what you already know is true. You do not need anyone else's pat on the head to know what is the right course of action for yourself and your nation.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Rick Perry Did Not Say

  • He did not say we need a candidate who will call out the Marxist in the White House. 
  • He did not say we need a candidate who will reverse the Democratic Slave Party's enslavement of our grandchildren.
  • He did not say we need a candidate who is unafraid of the Slave Party media Agency of Lies.
  • He did not say we need a candidate
    • who will keep our borders secure and
    • who will glory in our American culture and defend it from multicultural suicide, and
    • who will end the EPA running roughshod over every aspect of our lives.
Why didn't Rick Perry say these things in this ad? Because he is not that candidate.

Check his record of things like ignoring the border in his own state. Check that he campaigned for Al Gore (1988). (Gee, I wonder if he's really flipped on global warming even now?) Yes his state is booming in comparison to the rest of the country -- but he was also blessed with a very conservative legislature due in large part to the heavy lifting of Tom DeLay.

Bottom line: Rick Perry looks too much like George W Bush -- not simply in physical appearance -- and that my friends is NOT a good thing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Setting the Standard for All Western Leaders

The much needed standard is set by the mayor of the City of Brotherly Love, Michael Nutter.
Begin listening to this at 12 minutes, and see if you don't feel like cheering by 14 minutes.

Were his advice heeded and his leadership duplicated, the lot of his target audience would tremendously improve. That specificity alone would be make his words enough. However, there is also a universality in his message. That he at all needed to add the following demonstrates how much in our contemporary world critical thinking has been derided and destroyed.
"[21:58]This nonsense must stop. Right now.... [23:53:]We are not going to tolerate that. We won't tolerate it; we're not going to excuse it because there is no excuse for it. Sense and nonsense cannot exist in the same place, in the same city, in the same world. And it is not going to happen in the city of Philadelphia. You cannot have both at the same time."

It so happens that what he said in this inset above applies to the AGW Fraudsters as well. Sense and nonsense cannot exist in the same place. It is definitively not science when results are ordered to match expectations of those paying for the "science."

Where are the leaders of any color who have been given a chance to rebut the many frauds of the Left? Well, they are almost everywhere. But you may not know how many such voices exist because the rotten Statist media shunts them aside, or when they're too well known, talks over them. Our Conditioners want us to feel alone in our unapproved common-sensical thoughts so they continue with the blackouts, the edited sound-bites, persistently giving air time to dissemblers and character assassins.

The beauty of the TEA Party is that we the people broke the isolation when we went out into the public square and became aware of millions of others who are fed up with being talked down to by the likes of a moron such as Al Gore exquisitely represents. On the Internet too, the people can also get to hear the dissident voices, but it isn't mainstream yet. You know how the truth is never given a fair shake or an honest debate on the mass media. The moneyed and powered and anti-human interests have their claws too deeply embedded there.

The opportunities for new leaders to step forward is enormous. Perhaps it is a sign that God still watches over small children and idiots (in a once free nation).

As for Mayor Nutter. If he is sincere  -- and he is not simply speaking like this for personal gain today and in the old rotten way tomorrow like so many pols before him -- you know what is in store for him from the usual suspects. Have no doubt in your mind that "tomorrow" the toolish TV and print and blog apparatchiks will be charging that he's not really black, that he's an Uncle Tom, a throwback, yada, yada, and more yada.

No unduly self-respecting Leftist will be able to tolerate this leader. And don't for a minute think that it's only white Democratic Slave Party leaders who are seething today. There are far too many Republican "moderates" who are also seething and awaiting their buddies on the other side of the aisle to sideline or otherwise dispose of Mayor Nutter so that the tyrannical divisiveness -- as their brain trust, Charlie Manson, envisioned with his Helter Skelter -- can continue as planned.

Be assured:
  • You will hear childish ad hominems based on his last name shortly (at a higher volume than ever he has endured in his life -- Alinksy rules you know).
  • You will need be prepared to defend this sensible man for your wish be fulfilled that more like him arise. He needs us to help him fight the coming firestorm.
  • We need men like him to help restore sense worldwide.
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Friday, August 05, 2011

Guardians of the Public Purse

I called the Mark Levin Show last week in the heat of the debate about raising the debt ceiling. I asked:
"Why is there no call for an accounting of all the Stimulus and TARP funds? Why is Obama asking to raise the debt ceiling when it appears that he has sequestered funds?"
When his screener hung up -- without any comment as far as I could tell -- my heart sunk. I'm not even sure he heard me in full because I heard nothing from him after I finished this little introduction.

The facts of the matter regarding, the House of Representatives, is that all spending bills must begin there. Had the House not passed the initial bill then Senate would have nothing to vote upon and amend. Then there could be nothing for the conference committee to compromise over. Then there could be no conference bill for the few Democrats to put the bill over the top.

By passing the initial bill in face of the fair warning that the Democrats gave that they would not cut spending in the Senate, John Boehner abandoned his obligation to the clear majority of 2010 voters that he defend the public purse from further deficit spending. His party became dominant, allowing him to become Speaker, all for the purpose of reducing the size of government and reducing its burdens on us. With his hidden back room deal ironed out between Harry Reid and the administration, John Boehner worsened the lien on America's future. With that deal, John Boehner abandoned his duty to guard the people's purse. He gave into the demands for compromise where there was no movement from the other side, making meaningless the meaning of compromise. Thus, without hyperbole, this was simply his abandonment of our position.

And then there was the media's role in all this. How many times did you read or hear words to the effect "The House is only of three branches responsible for passing laws. There's nothing they can do by themselves." It was sickening once you realize that all these entities were acting as if the government being able to do what it wants -- the people's wishes be damned -- is the way America is supposed to work.
And absolutely nothing I heard reminded readers and listeners that the House of Representatives being the "Guardians of the Public Purse."

Do a Bing search.
It reveals for "guardians of the public purse" 2011: About 14,500 results.
The number of times that it came up during the debt ceiling "crisis" of last week was scandalously non-existent.

However, I did find the following video from a Canadian broadcast from February of last year in which a former Congressman explains Congress' fiduciary role regarding oversight of the Executive branch.

[In case Blogger screws up the embed at some later date again,  this is the link.]

I'd like you to hear what no "conservative" radio talker permitted to be discussed last week or this. The meat begins at 3:37.
"The constitutional responsibility of the Congress to look into all activities of the Executive Branch is very clear.  And when the Congress begins to conduct vigorous oversight, things happen in the Executive Branch. People know somebody is looking over their shoulder. And when they know somebody is looking over their shoulder, they behave themselves.

If they know that somebody is not looking over their shoulder [Czars and their aids], that's when things go amiss." -- Former Congressman Lee Hamilton.

"The Congressional committees in Washington are all about constraining the power of the executive. Because, after all, that's what the genius of the United States Constitution was designed to do: to stop the kind of tyranny that is implicit in a British Parliamentary system -- at least as it has evolved since the years there was a real tyranny there." -- Kim Richard Nossel, Queen's University.

This is a good taste of this short video. There's even more in the presentation that makes my major point. The Congress, by itself, can stand firm if it so chooses. Otherwise, every American will be enslaved by the bad notions of previous bad choices for Congress, and even voting the rascals out will not save us.

And my second point is not to be forgotten. Even "conservative" talk radio DID NOT BRING THIS UP WHEN IT MATTERED.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

“What is happening in this world?”

The question of the title is one often expressed by those feeling the frustration from hearing about and even seeing some of the most bizarre news and events in our lifetimes.

What is happening in this world is actually explained by the pervasiveness of nonsense.

Think of the nonsense as chaff in a MIRV. The bomb is more likely to get to its target when the enemy scatters enough puffs of aluminum foil to saturate your radar. It overloads your detection sensors and reduces the effectiveness of your network of defenses.

Nonsense is the chaff of those aiming to enslave us.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Betrayal: Due to Lack of Faith

In my opinion the House of Representatives was betrayed by lack of faith on the part of the small segment who could have stood firm and tall.

I'm sure I myself could have done more than I did. For instance I did not write twice every day, or even once, far too often.

But I'm absolutely certain that it came down to the individuals who were sent to Congress. They convinced the voters that they would withstand the combined pressure from the schemers and the cowards in our society; our every-day-more decadent society.

It's gotten that way because we lack true leaders. True leaders remain genuinely concerned with those they lead, not look on their followers as the means to personal glory. (The leadership movements were stifled when I was growing up. They were subverted into management-material development camps. Hopefully one day soon I will compile sufficient details so I can fill out what I mean by this; but not today.)

The enslavement of America -- and of the wider world because of it -- will now continue apace.

In my view, this is what happened to rattle the few it was needed to sign Boehner's deal with the devils. The propaganda organs were working overtime, non-stop even. They belittled and demonized – with some variety but great intensity –  those who still had the wisdom to recognize the financial straits we are facing: the situation can only get worse by putting off facing it now. Given the intensity of the shelling, it's amazing that so many still stuck by their guns.

Allen West was a big disappointment. However, I understand it too. See, he has a history of doing the expedient thing where he felt that those that relied upon him were threatened. So I imagine that there were people behind the scenes who worked on that weakness to see if it paid off.

Overall, dear readers, this is what happens when so many refuse to allow into consideration that those with evil intentions could possibly, in any way, be working their will. This is what happens when voices who are supposed to be on the side of decency and the American way invest entirely in Hanlon's razor and deny any inkling to the wisdom of Heinlein's razor:
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity; but don't rule out malice."
Of course you have never noticed how those who regularly engage in moral relativism all of a sudden insist that we all adhere to the absolutist "Never" portion of this maxim. People like the "conservative" opinion gatekeepers on talk radio? How conveeeenient. </Church Lady>

A great many of you already suspect Obama and his backers of seeking to destroy the United States of America so that she no longer remains the bastion of hope she is for decent people around the world. I know you want to get your neighbors and friends and relatives to see this too. Tell me what more I can do to help you make a convincing case. I will surely try different approaches anyone might suggest.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Reading Their Projection: "Terrorists"

Joe Biden called the TEA Party "terrorists."

Ergo, the administration has terrorized the TEA Party and the American people in order to get its blank check.

Straight out Chicken Little terror tactics employed with the help of just about everybody who works in the MSM Agency of Lies, from Chris Matthews to Dennis Prager.

As it worked so well again, look for more projections to come.

Seeking Scent Snitches

Report from Los Angeles, where man-caused climate change is not about the weather.


During or prior to the town hall meeting on July 20th, you expressed interest in volunteering for the Odor Monitoring Group. If you are still interested, please fill out application form and return to the address at the bottom of the application.

Thank You!
City of Los Angeles DPW Public Affairs Office.

I imagine once this group forms, they will get around to admiring themselves as did Narcissus, and raise quite a stink.

And then they'll wind up checking out each other in the end. You know: like when dogs meet other dogs.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Recall the USSR's Surrender?

How's that working out for Western Collectivists? They won an open field to make communistic gains.

Today the alleged conservative news talkers (who it must be recognized are part of the MSM) are repeating that the TEA Party has won.
That the President is in retreat.
That "Obama has surrendered." 
It is a SHAM!

Ask Putin if the USSR surrendered. Look at democracy in Russia and the Ukraine and say without doubt that the Soviets really went away.

The MSM Agency of Lies is working overtime to convince you to let up the pressure on the TEA Party Congressmen. The Establishment needs for them to get with "the deal;" to sign their souls away.

Hence, we cannot let up on informing our TEA Party members that we remain with them.

That Obama has surrendered is every bit a sham as saying the communists disappeared when the USSR dissolved. It is a SHAM.

If the TEA Party congressmen go along, they give Obama the out he craves. He gets to spend and spend and spend AS HE PLEASES.

Freezing the debt ceiling forces Obama to make cuts in order to live with what money he has coming in. Anything he legally has discretion to make choices, it will be HIS CHOICES. Those things which he has no choice but chooses anyway to cut (to try and make opponents pay a price) will be grounds for impeachment. It will be "it was Obama's choice to cut Social Security." "It was Obama's choice to cut military pay." Etc., etc., etcetera.

The blame will ultimately rest on him and his Democratic Slave Party.

Good news: The Agency of Lies would not be pulling this stunt if they did not fear that

Ann Barnhardt published a bit more a few minutes after I did. The following excerpt reveals how much we are thinking alike on this sham.

The Obama regime is not a failure. The Obama regime is not incompetent. The Obama regime has achieved more in two and a half years than anyone could have possibly foreseen. It has debased the currency by 50% of the GDP and guaranteed that our economy will collapse. It has looted the Treasury for more than the size of a top-ten economy and embezzled that wealth into the hands of their fellow Marxists in preparation for the final collapse of the United States. It has ground the economy of the United States to a screeching halt. It has destabilized the entire Muslim world and ensured that there will be a nuclear war centered around Israel within the decade.

The Obama regime has no interest whatsoever in "stimulus" or "getting folks back to work." How can you not understand this? How can we possibly win this war if we refuse to come to terms with the fact that we are in fact
fighting a war.
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