Sunday, November 06, 2011

A Vise to Crush Our Voices Next November?

I'm far from the first to have thought this aloud. It's simply too bad isn't it? That so many are willing to risk their freedom sooner than risk the embarrassment of saying this aloud and -- God willing! -- be wrong. Too many damned cowards.

President Obama has opening praised the Occupy movement. It makes a lot of sense too. He rightly fears he'll be voted out of power next November without them acting up as they are, incrementally worse each day.

First we had the mindlessness ("revolution now; plan later) on Wall Street with the SKUNC Mayor Bloomberg letting it go on and on, fostering the event even.

And then the ever growing violence in cities across the nation.

It does not take a rocket scientist to foresee that a lack of firm response to crack down on the occupiers will only abet more and worse. Starting with their disturbing the peace and violating various ordinances with little or no push back, they invariably moved on to increasing their outrageousness and their disruption of those who work and live near them. Moving from petty and grand thefts, on to assaults and rapes, on up to arson. I shudder at the coming ratcheting up to mayhem and murder that some have called for from the beginning (that union head) and many more are surely hoping for.

I would not be the first to assess that there are those who so hope this violence from below will provide those at the very top to suspend elections. We already heard such hopes from a sitting governor and a congressman. So much for constitutional governance, eh?

Okay, okay -- I have need of a better cartoonist.

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