Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Selective Outrage of Bob Shieffer

[There is a video of a POS Sunday News Show below that does not appear in some feeds. Click through to the blog post to see the sickening example of an overpaid old hack trying to bring down the GOP front runner by asking him a question he'd never ask a Demo.... Oh, you know the selective outrage game the propaganda mills always play.]

When did Bob Shieffer ever grill Senator Obama, Candidate Obama, Or PRESIDENT Obama for being a smoker? (Or grill the Buma for anything?)

Nuff said, See B.S. indeed.

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  1. Fascinating, Pascal.

    This video reveals an excellent tool of sabotaging a message:

    "Concentrate on a minutiae subject within the actual message and keep hammering on that specific minutiae. Eventually it WILL overshadow the actual message and perhaps even damage the celebrities brand name".

    Like they did with Sarah Palin.

    Good catch, Pascal.

    Though I am not a Herman Cain fan as he has a High 'Muckety' factor, thus the spectre of crony capitalism comes to the fore, I am noticing that - from the flack he is getting from the press - he is not the 'Republican Chosen One' of certain "powers that be" (The media lapdogs in the forms of Romney and Perry).


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