Sunday, December 12, 2010

History Wordplay

History to me is His story.

From the beginning of creation up until now, the spool of time has been unwinding. Thus, if you believe in God the Creator, well history is His story. Yet even believers will rarely get the history correct, because there are so many different ways to believe in Him. Or not at all. Belief in men, or a man, or in other forms of life or concepts, they will all look to history to validate their view.

So we have come to this current time with variations on history, many which claim they are the right, or correct history, depending on which axe they're grinding. (One of my favorites is how archeologists keep finding stuff that are hundreds of years out of sync. The mental gymnastics required for historians to save face on all the apparently incorrect sequences they'd concocted really ought to be in the Olympics. It's world class sophistry.)

And as global Statism grows, the variations of history will be contested only up to that point that it serves the State. For as Orwell warns us
"He who controls the present controls the past; and he who controls the past controls the future."
And in that world: 
"We are at war with capitalists; we always have been at war with capitalists."
And so that will be one thread of history. It will be like many others as the need arises. But in this special instance, since Communism (or socialism or whatever our rulers wanna call it) doesn't work, then when it is right for the all knowing all powerful State to hit the restart button, it will be:
"We are at war with communists; we always have been at war with communists."

But the reality, if you grok that God can also be a concept (even if He exists, He's done His best to leave each of us with our own concept of Him no matter what high holy men tell us), then every thing that really happens IS history. We may not know it, but it is. Like that proverbial tree that falls in the forest, it does indeed make a sound whether or not we sense it ourselves, since there are no forests in vacuums, and the laws of the universe tell us that it will resound.

So yes, history may come to us from honest wise scribes, or it has been altered by fools or charlatans. But what we must continue to seek is the most accurate accounting so that we can come to know and understand what is.

And maybe become truly wise in the process.

See? It is His Story.

Unexpectedly related but timely example from Wabbit:

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