Friday, December 03, 2010

iAnother/i Emmanuel Goldsteining

Another Emmanuel Goldsteining

More proof how our world is becoming more Orwellian day by day. Read this story at JWF: 'If Beck Isn't Stopped, I Think We'll Have Another Oklahoma City [bombing] in This Country'

The message, driven by Soros' Media Matters, is that Glenn Beck must be stopped from broadcasting. He is too effective in alerting people to history and thereby organizing opposition to the "Progressives" thieving pigs who are systematically trampling our rights one by one.
"Every sponsor of every Fox show should be put on notice that this insanity is being underwritten by [advertisers]," Brock says. He adds: "If Beck isn't stopped, I think we'll have another Oklahoma City [bombing] in this country."

As JWF says:
So advertisers are being "put on notice" and Glenn Beck must be "stopped." If I didn't know better I would say these thugs are making threats.
This, combined with the Two Minutes Hate-like demonstrations at MSNBC by loons like Olbermann, resembles too much the campaigns by the Statist regime in Orwell's 1984 against its opponents. It is a  form of demonizing that I call "Emmanuel Goldsteining." (The most chilling thing in that novel was that the State was so thoroughly running every aspect of life that they long ago infiltrated the opposition so that now they were running it. The opposition was organized to entrap every outer party member who had qualms about their role in serving Big Brother. It sought after and sucked in desperate consciences like Winston Smith.)

I realize this threat to Beck and his backers is not the first effort of its kind by the Left/Statist alliance.  I pointed out how the Left has used Sarah Palin to personalize and focus (Alinsky rule #12) we who oppose them 18 months ago.

This is an addition to PF's chronicle of Statist growth.

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