Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Condescension from Both the Left and the Statists

Before I get started, because so few people yet understand why I make a distinction between the Left and the Statists, let me repeat it.

The Left are openly anti-conservative, but the Statists (sometimes called corporate Statists) are quite often found hiding out on the Right. The Left is honest to the extent that they are clear about their intentions. It is the Statists who are untrustworthy. They are craven cowards and, as such, hold back so they are not attacked easily. They are probably the source of the brains for the "poster-boys of self-esteem" but otherwise brainless Left. In my opinion, the Left could make no headway without the rarely admitted but undeniable interference running by the Statists of the GOP.

Try to keep that in mind as you offer your replacement for RINOs in my cash contest.

The opening lines of Fox News Makes You Stupid?, by Brent Bozell of the Media Research Institute reads
There is nothing the left believes in more robotically than the stupidity of conservatives. Otherwise, they would not be conservatives. When liberals get routed in an election, they do not question themselves. The first -- and for most, only -- verdict is that the American people were disastrously flooded by a tsunami of stupidity and misinformation.

The first thing that came to my mind is "Hell, that's the same condescending attitude I see in the Progressive subversive Republicans whenever they lose to more conservative members of their own party, or to independent conservatives of the TEA Party (e.g., Lisa Murkowski in AK or Mike Castle in DE).

Bottom line: It does conservatives no good to pay heed to and allow RINOs non-conservative republicans to become chairmen of Congressional committees. Beyond the extent that they give the GOP the majority in any federal or state legislative body, they are of no use to those of us who wish to see America protected from destabilizing interests at home or from abroad.

Hence, it is not in the interests of conservatives to simply run all non-conservatives out of town right away. But it should be in our demands that they don't carry much more weight than most conservatives and libertarians who work hard to help them defeat their more openly liberal Democratic opponents. (Scott Brown for instance.)

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