Friday, December 24, 2010

Statist Tools: Suppression of Critics

In the news yesterday, thanks to Breitbart, was a story of an airline pilot whistle-blower.

The Transportation "Security" Administration (TSA) went after him with the sort of heavy-handedness we associate with banana republics in their early stages. I think it is clear that such top-down efforts to stifle whistle-blowing is another assault on America and for what it stands to the common man. Whatever happened to the Left-backed whistle-blower PROTECTION law, hmmm? Is that a non-starter when the Left is in power? Will the sun rise in the East tomorrow morning?

What's more to come? Watch this video report, and you tell me if you can guess the answer. I don't think it is an admission of ineptitude, and promise to reform, and a thank you to the pilot.

[This is a video that does not appear in some streams. Go to the blog entry to see it.]

It was once typically American for local sheriffs to ask "who the hell are you" of heavy-handed Feds.
Sadly, today, it is more typical that local entities seem to fall into line and add on more unpleasantness, gratis, to subjects of Fed displeasure.

This story includes one of those "cute" extra touches: the sending of "messages of comeuppance" delivered by third parties to heighten the persecution and further their intimidation of all subjects. Pitching in to carry water for the TSA was the county sheriff who made it his duty to quickly relieve the pilot of the CCW license for his pistol. In summation: Vendettas, the long arm of the TSA, and revoked rights.


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