Saturday, December 11, 2010

Postmodern Times Reveals a Place of Marvels

First Jerry Brown gets reelected in California, while neither his exceedingly wealthy RINO opponent nor the GOP ever challenged the legitimacy of his candidacy in court for being in violation of state constitutional limits. 

Yesterday Obama's oligarchical puppeteers remake Clinton president for a few moments. 

Regarding that, have you yet seen the phrase 

D R Y    R U N

come out of the mouths of the apparatchiks at the Ministry of Truth Agency of Lies? [In later years Pascal began using Agency of Lies because he saw that we were not an Orwellian world quite yet, and felt it best that he speak the truth while he still could. -- ed.]

Trust in your old uncle Pascal; it's in the works. AKA trial balloon.

Postmodern times really is a place where you will not believe your eyes. (Nor want to.)


  1. I would be curious (not to the point of having them "prove it", mind you) to see whom would be the actual fella to "benefit" from this, Obama or Clinton. In on case you have a direct violation of (I believe, being too lazy to look it up right now) the 25th amendment which set term limits on the office of the President to 2 terms max. This is assuming Clinton jumps back in the ring. The other case is having the current occupant run (and "win" ... yes those are scorn quotes) for a second term. His constitutional disqualifyer being that pesky "Natural Born Citizen" clause. (And before someone leaps up at the bait, I don't care where he was born, I do care that one of his parents was not an American citizen, thus at best he is a "Native Born American, and not qualified. And yes, that would hold true for Jindal should he attempt to run.)

    Oh yes, there is a third possibility, Obama out and out assumes control of the country (be it by martial law, via some "declared national emergency" or other act involving smoke and mirrors) and we no longer have to concern ourselves with those pesky "elections" and such.

    It is for our own good don't cha know [/snark]

  2. Great thoughts Guy. I myself think that Obama, and Bush before him, and Clinton and Bush41 too, were tools of bigger interests, the personages of whom we can only guess. That is deliberate. The ancient Sophists taught the ruling class that being in the limelight and effectively getting what you want do not go well together.

    I think that Clinton would be preferred by them for sure. He accomplished a great deal for the further undermining of our republic, albeit slower than the radical Obama, which is more typical of "Progressives" -- strike that -- the long entrenched old school, power-mad subversives.

    I think undermining the constitution some more by national acquiescence (as ignoring Zero's qualifications by both sides of the aisle has been made to seem) would be gravy on that bird.


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