Monday, December 06, 2010

Danger Creeps from Every Corner of Govt

In yesterday's screed against one child's abuse I warned also of the dangers of government when I referred to child "protective" services.

I've also warned in the past about how the medical schools have either abandoned or largely altered the Hippocratic Oath of "First, do no harm."

This story, Los Angeles DCFS trying to take our grandson. Need attorney, [that's been pulled, here's a cache screen capture] appeared as a plea for help at Free Republic by a grandparent.

It involves a baby having been scooped up by CPS in Los Angeles due to the charges being raised on basis of a remote possibility.  But there's even more danger involved, as one commenter suggested in their offer of help.

This is the best advice, but your son needs to lawyer up and so does your grandbaby.

That baby will need his own lawyer in order to protect him from DCFS if they decide his medical treatment offers no basic improvement in his "quality" of life and that he would be better off dead.

Not only does your son need to be protected from trumped up criminal charges, the baby needs to be protected from anti-life murderers who do not value his intrinsic human worth. The "helping" professions are infested with them.

This is the sort of development of which I've been alert for over 2 decades now. The public, if it gathers together locally, can bring a temporary end to such excesses, and force the craven scum to backs off (sometimes.) The public must get involved until the upside down institutions are righted again. Sadly we've allowed them to become run by the power-mad. Their anti-human forces will work their mischief in the absence of push from the grassroots.

If America still has a shred of its historical moral base, then it still believes the strong must defend the weak from predators; this is a prime example. Do what you can to raise awareness before the bureaucratic grim reaper comes to visit you or one of those you love.

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