Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 14: Are Those Who Hid Obama's Incompetence Blameless?

It's been 2 weeks since I asked:
President Obama: What competence have you to prove to the world how you are not The Dilbert Principle President?
So now Wikileaks demonstrates how clueless, weakness, helplessness and impotent, and incompetent Obama has been in office, and it is craven malfeasance that nobody in the Fourth Estate has issued a mea culpa for their failure of duty in service to this republic. With the Washington Post allowing someone to opine on their pages that Obama has been weak on the Wikileaks matter, it would sell a hell of a lot of papers were they to disclose what they really think of him losing the midterm elections.

Dammit you collectively worthless journOlists, this man was never properly vetted!

Judging from all the documents by and of Obama kept under lock and key as if they needed secret service protection, it is clear the man NEVER had any experience at being competent. This is, after all, the Dilbert Principle President.

Journalists of America and the world -- I lay the blame for this at your doorstep.

Cowards that you are, you will not contest the charge with me.

In Nutshells
The Peter PrincipleThe Dilbert Principle
Managers   move up in any hierarchy until reaching their level of incompetence.Managers are placed at their level  of incompetence having no inkling of what is competent whatsoever.

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