Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sarah Palin, Orwellian Target

"I don't see why the left even bothers with their relentless attacks on Sarah Palin when you've got these milquetoast RINO's doing the work for them." -JWF  
This wistful observation is how JWF began Irony: Palin's a Quitter, Says Woman Who Quit EPA Job After Two Years. He and a many others still don't get it. Nobody wants to get "it." It is too painful to think about, the fear of scornful reception makes it too threatening to discuss. Dammit people. This is how power-grabs are accomplished most easily: by instilling fears over actually discussing the mechanics of power-grabs.

Palin, quite simply, is being used as the Statists' two-minutes hate object. An Orwellian target is something we should easily recognize. And the worst implications of the device, given all the resources poured into servicing it, need to be explored by cooler patriotic heads because its purpose is to divide and undermine us.

RINOs and Leftists both hate her because she fits the bill for Alinsky rule #12. She is liked by vast numbers of independents because she carries herself as one of them. So she is used as the natural embodiment and personification of the TEA Party. It's the sophisticates against the great unwashed, the inner party against the proles.

As our world becomes more Orwellian, you have to expect the State entities (parties and Minitrue) to hurl invective at its opposition. And Palin fits that bill as Trotsky fit it for Stalin.

One more thing --

Beware that Palin was thrust on the national stage by a longtime member of that State -- Juan McCain. She remains there in large part because of all the abuse she has gotten from day one. Us on the right can often be counted on to behave chivalrously for a man unjustly maligned -- like many did for GWB. It is considerably easier to do so for someone as lovely and articulate as Sarah. But willing or not, knowing or not, the Left and the RINOs and Minitrue will continue to use her for the purpose that you are witnessing.

IOW, don't just look at her and listen to her. Scrutinize all she has done and is doing. There are several things in her past that need wider exposure. The Right needs to know she no longer supports CAGW, the L.O.S.T. that gives away U.S. rights to the U.N., and that she is not approving of McCain's Statists ways.

Nobody must be allowed a pass with the TEA Party, not even those who the establishment baddies like to demonize. Big Brother demonized Goldstein, and it turned out Goldstein was a creation of O'Brien. The Statist entities have a lot of money -- much more now what with all that TARP and Stimulus funds, the uses for which are unaccounted. So we, the patriots, have even less money than before, and mostly are left with our common sense for what is right and wrong. When we use it, we will be careful.

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  1. Palin is on record for backing the following:

    1) Carbon credits

    2) "registration" amnesty

    3)L.O.S.T. Treaty

    Buh bye, lil " Precious"


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