Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Why Don't You Just Give Up Crusader?

A couple of days ago, after I spotted a six year old boy with what looked like aging real tattoos, could I have been more disapproving of parents who tattoo their babies?
[They should] be horsewhipped, with adequate explanation as to why, and what consequences to expect next were they to do it again.
Were it made clear this was literal lashing and not metaphorical it would have been harsher. Then recall too that I noted that this punishment was preferential to calling in Child "Protective" Services (CPS) for reasons that would soon be demonstrated.

For on the very next day -- yesterday -- I posted on a story that reinforced my misgivings about how dangerous CPS can be. When they thrust into a situation, and decide to give a baby over to the state care, they then provide the state the opportunity to kill a baby "for its own good" (or to save scarce medical resources) whichever reason those who had seized upon such power would dare admit.

So after I posted that second commentary, I was confronted by an email about the first commentary.
Re: your essay on a child's tattoo:

Did you think to check Google for information on the Legal Age for tattoos in CA?
Cal AB 186 requires registration with county health dept and facility inspection.  tattooing of minors is prohibited
Well It's illegal.  Did you report it?  Don't just bellyache.
My response:
Did you not read of the dangers from CPS? Reporting it is what the power-mad Statists WANT. Quoth Shakespeare: "The law is an ass." Besides, the tattoos could have been temporary. Sure, these looked like old inked ones that had faded as the kid grew up. However, the man with the kid wasn't tattooed himself, so I doubt he was responsible. I was not gonna make a federal case out of this and I would never recommend anyone else do it either.

What I want is for people to hear that I disapprove. What I want is for others to begin airing disapproval where and when it is appropriate. Like on a blog.

The airing of disapproval is the kind of thing that has been suppressed by the Left. PC thought permeates the entire society. We have been Politically Cowed into silence about the most basic and commonsensical of observations. Speaking up fights that too.

To hell with the opinion-suppressors already. If you have good reason to disapprove of something, let the world know it. Then maybe parents will think twice before being so STUPID. That's the way to save the child, and your neighbors from their own stupidity. Don't let the state get involved unless it's traditionally appropriate to do so. How do you know?  Here's a fine rule of thumb: If your great grandparents didn't call the police, you shouldn't either.

One more thing: CPS is a terrorist organization as far as I'm concerned. I'm sorry you don't agree.

I don't give up because I understand too well how social mores have been rushed downhill due to the useful idiocy of the Left to the benefit of Statists.

Rather than let such short-sighted messages as prompted this commentary leave me in despair, I intend to use them to demonstrate how short-sighted my neighbors can be. I think they are short-sighted because in the past I lacked the patience to try and convey my deeper thoughts. The need to develop two forms of patience -- one to understand their resistance and the other with the work it takes to arrange my thoughts -- are probably good topics for another time.

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