Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why the GOP Kept the Lame Duck Alive

In only a few days, the RINOs globalist members of the GOP have signed off on DADT, and the New False Start treaty, and the 911 Responders' victimoguery. This despite the groundswell of votes from conservatives and independents in the November elections that doesn't like this sort of behavior in Washington.

The Statist wing of the GOP continues to prove that my analysis is correct: The GOP Progressives Traitors are the covert brains behind the Statist advances that are overtly demanded by the Left.

The Left-wing radicals who continue to be known as "Progressives" remains in control of the Democratic Party.
  • Most all that they say and do to support their agenda is brainless. 
  • It should be easy to counter them. 
  • Yet they continue to roll out legislation that the Puppet in Chief will sign. 
  • The Left openly seeks middle class elimination (the keystone of Marxism) in every form from good economics to life affirming social norms to strong national defense.
Sneering in the face of the voters, these Leftwing nutsoids advance their policies DESPITE the fact that the political momentum favors the Right. How?

Let's first assume that the GOP spoke the truth when its members said "we got the message" after the election. Then they would not be afraid of either Obama or the Minitrue. They'd be seeking to prove to the voters that they REALLY got it this time. They'd fiercely fight in this lame duck session. If a few RINOs closet Dem GOP went along with the Dems to pass DADT, START, and whatever, that would be at the cost of the Left. All bad that accrues from that would become Leftwing politically stinking albatrosses. And then come the new year, with the larger GOP numbers in both houses of Congress, much of this lame duck Leftwing crap would either die or truly be watered down.

But now, let's go with what I've been saying. With the GOP Progressives Oppressives acting as the brains behind all the Left wing demands, they really need to let the Left get most of what it wants NOW. They'd use the Left demands to seek accommodation with the Left's demands. For example, I heard one GOP Senator say they worked to dicker down the cost of the 911 First Responders bill down from $6Billion to $4Billion. I guess he thinks we should be grateful that the Left didn't get the whole hog. Damn bastard has no desire to sound principled. "It's too damn hard."  With all the press against it (Google 911 responders bill republican and see it really wasn't easy), it is hard. BUT THAT'S WHAT AMERICA WANTS. Damn you.

So, the we hear from the GOP the orderly cave-in.  We hear them saying BS "it went along with these lame duck demands because "otherwise the Dems would peal off one or two Republican votes and pass" whatever bill Americans hate "with all of the high costs."

Damn you Senator. Didn't you ever hear Reagan say "make my day!" Americans hate this sort of compromise. Unneeded compromise on the day after victory. Senator: You suck.
  • You keep acting like you didn't like DADT -- but you really like destroying the best of American Institutions.
  • You keep acting like you favor America's safety -- but you sign away our rights under a treaty that becomes legally binding on us NOT TO DEPLOY MISSILE DEFENSE.
  • You keep claiming to know what are the limits in the Constitution -- but you sign off on extraordinary expenditiures while claiming your actions are good because you saved us a pittance from what the Dems would pass by themselves alone.

And so our GOP brainiacs are happy to let their President Puppet crow over "his" success as  "the comeback kid" (in a non-denial denial). In keeping with the teachings of the Sophists, it's far better to let the fools bask in the limelight. When you've gotten what you wanted in the face of widespread public disapproval, it is far wiser to let others claim the credit.

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