Thursday, December 23, 2010

Statist Tools: Inconsistencies [Updated]

First published 10:00AM Oct 27, 2010
Collected Evidence of Inconsistencies

This item has been added to Statist Tools: Inconsistencies.

Today's episode came to my attention at Kevin Baker's The Smallest Minority.

Kevin calls it Quote of the Day - Cognitive Dissonance Edition.

Go read it. 

What follows is my expansion, not as quick to the point, but with a bit more exploration of the point.

One of the basic premises of contemporary liberalism is that humans are basically good.
This is the source of their never-ending compassion for criminals, whom they claim are victims of society's ills -- namely the unequal distribution of wealth. In other words: "poverty causes crime." (This is where the libs and the Left got mixed together. Libs will deny it, but the Left exploits envy in order to write laws that seek "social justice," which, as I've shown elsewhere, is a mockery of true justice.)

This "poverty causes crime" balderdash has been extensively disproved time and again. Did Bernie Madoff commit his crimes because he was impoverished, or because he didn't mind impoverishing his victims? Hmmmm?

Anyway, the quote of the day makes quick work of liberal inconsistency.  If they really believed that "humans are basically good" then why not trust them with firearms? Well, they do if the guns are wielded by any old person who has been recruited into the police force or other "properly recognized" security detail. (For instance, the private bodyguards of the liberal elites). All of a sudden liberals are okay with authority? Armed authority?

This is despite the bloody history of the 20th Century. That was where Leftist governments murdered roughly 200 million of their own unarmed subjects. It is no odd consistency that an armed citizenry is a guarantor that governments remain relatively good (i.e., non-murderous).

Hence this particular inconsistency is a Statist tool par excellence.

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