Friday, December 03, 2010

The Crowing of A Death Cultist

“Today, when the court sentences Steven Hayes to death,” [Attorney Thomas] Ullmann said, “every one of us becomes a killer. We all become Steven Hayes.” 

NO! I will not accept the argument that this lawyer is merely delusional and misguided. I say he is a soulless professional agent of the death cult and is trying to tarnish all of society by projecting his own life endangering cravings on everybody else. Hayes has been an agent of death. Hayes has repented enough that he welcomes his own execution. But not so Attorney Ullmann. Ullman does not wish to chill the actions of other murderers. Thus I call all those that would feel emboldened by his advocacy (to abolish the death penalty) as agents of Ullmann's. That rotter, long before Mr Hayes meets his just punishment, is even now encouraging actions such as those of Mr. Hayes.

The moral bankruptcy of Mr. Ullmann's statement is symptomatic of the death cultists that have, in my opinion, always been accepted by the Left, and who have affected liberal thought. Classical liberal thought has been warped from permitting the voicing of ideas, no matter how bizarre, into endorsing ideas that are dangerous to human life that most conservatives still call "liberal."

You can read of how awful were the murders committed by Monster Hayes by picking up the trail at this NYSlimes link.

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