Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lead: Promote Human Life

There's a new story that recalls the question in the masthead of this blog. "If our "leaders" are so humanitarian, how is it that we never hear them direct a harsh word at the Malthusian, Utilitarian and Green nutcases?"

Lilith: the barren, sex-crazed, child-killing mascot of the abortion movement

Every once in a while, one stumbles upon a terrifying level of honesty among abortion supporters....
a moderately successful group dedicated solely to providing low-income women with abortion money, called the Lilith Fund

The Texas-based group explains its name on its website as follows: “Lilith was the first woman created by God, as Adam’s wife and equal. Because Lilith refused to be subservient or submissive, she was sent away from Eden.” 

This is a somewhat accurate presentation of Lilith’s bio; however, it’s certainly not the whole story. 

Here’s how the Hebrew legend, as first described in the Alphabet of Ben Sira of the 8th-10th century, ends: after Lilith flew away (and was not sent) from Eden, God punished her by dictating that one hundred of her own demon children would be killed each day. She responds by asserting her perpetual desire to sicken and kill newborn infants. 

The abortion industry’s poster girl if ever there was one.

In fact, the primordial population control expert bears a significance far beyond Hebrew culture....

...Other pro-abortion feminist organizations have snapped up the name as well. (One of several such blogs, The Lilith Plan, helps women self-abort and even provides gruesome instructions for an illegal do-it-yourself D&C abortion.) It seems some abortioneers are at least honest enough to openly associate with the child-killing demon who is even more well-fed in our modern world than she was 6000 years ago.
I was asked at Thanksgiving last week by a liberal male member of the family: "Are you against abortion?"
I answered: "I am firmly against the promotion of abortion."
He: "Who's promoting it?"
Me: "If you haven't yet noticed on your own the whole industry built around it, how it seeks customers, how it has rigged the legal system to help it, and how little you hear in mainstream media that promotes human life, please tell me what could I possibly tell you now that you'd believe?"

So when I saw this commentary on Lilith this morning, I felt I needed to highlight it here. The fact that promotion of death has become so acceptable is boldly highlighted by our "leaders" blithe silence on abortion promoting organizations such as this one.

The promotion of human life is another of those voids that have grown large in the public sphere. Green parties are nowhere near a large faction in any western government of which I am aware. Yet their policy preferences have clearly gained acceptance in the high-level political scene where AGW and its related legalities are advancing. Similarly, as pointed out in the reference article about abortionists, among the Greens the mostly unspoken but sometimes candid solution to humanity's taxing of the planet is "less humans means increased sustainability." IOW: "Yeah -- All Hail Sus."

It is clear that those who favor human life as I do have pretty much been ignored (at best) by top "leaders." I put the word leaders in scorn quotes because a leader, unlike a manager or ruler, tends to take seriously and sincerely the interests of the individuals who follow him.

If you wish to see an end to the acceptance-by-silence of such abortion promoters as the openly anti-human Lilith Fund, you will have not only to openly oppose such groups, you will need to speak out in favor of human life too, and strongly.

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