Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 10: Where Is Proof You've Ever Known Competence Mr Obama?

Ten days and still no answer.
President Obama: What of significance -- besides your great speechifying in front of properly working teleprompters -- demonstrates to the world your great competence at tackling tough problems in the past? We'd like to be reassured that you have a chance at tackling the great challenges currently facing America.  What proof have you that you are not The Dilbert Principle President?
We are the new fourth estate Right bloggers. Ask the hard questions that MSM Minitrue wankers would never ask. You can't wait for Fox news to ask.

Just as the TEA party doesn't trust any establishment party types, we can't trust any journalists, editorialists or talkshow hosts who have regular paid gigs to make the challenges that must be made.

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