Sunday, December 05, 2010

You People Are Sick

I was in the steam room late this afternoon. In came in a Dad with a kid maybe 6 years old. Through the steam I saw what I thought was a large tattoo on the kid's left upper arm. I shook my head to myself.

Later, out by the sinks, I realized then it was even worse.

I didn't stare too closely, but the kid also had another tat on his right upper arm -- looked like an eagle's head -- to match the one on his left. And for good measure, there was something nondescript, about 2 inches square, over his breastbone.

And these tats were fading. How old was this kid when they branded him?

I am not a fan of child "protective" services with their broad-sense, near licentious license takeover of parenting. This kid may indeed have been removed from his parents, so now this kid was fostered or adopted by the Dad he was with. Since I'd not seen the Dad before, who knows? Rather than removing the kid from parents who permitted this kid to be so marred, better they themselves be horsewhipped, with adequate explanation as to why, and what consequences to expect next were they to do it again.



  1. IF the kid was that young, they are probably temporary tattoos. I can't envision any inkslinger with any self respect marking up a little kid, even at the request of the parent.

  2. Kids like cockamamies. My daughter plays with them once in a while.

  3. Og, I played with them when I was kid too -- although it's hard to imagine anyone can remember that long ago. These atrocities were no cockamamies.


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