Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 9: What of Substance Is Obama's?

Nine days, and still no answer to.
President Obama: What of significance -- besides your great speechifying in front of properly working teleprompters -- demonstrates to the world your great competence at tackling tough problems in the past? We'd like to be reassured that you have a chance at tackling the great challenges currently facing America.  What proof have you that you are not The Dilbert Principle President?
Speaking of incompetence (if not sell-outs), where are the questioners who are willing to pursue the questions they themselves raise and then dismiss (as Dick Morris did yesterday).

Well, there is hope again.

At Reason.com there is this story and video interview of Richard Epstein about Obama when he was at an adjunct faculty member at the U of Chicago. Thanks for the tip from LOTM who notes:
"Epstein has pushed as hard against the official line regarding Obama as a member of the Chicago faculty can. Obama was hired as an Adjunct directly by Geoffrey Stone, who was Dean of the Law School and later Provost of the University. When Stone stepped down from that position Obama's somewhat unusual connection with the school ended... The school went to great lengths during the 2008 campaign to endorse Obama as if he was a real faculty member, even though he never went through a faculty hiring review or participated in the intellectual life of the University."
Nobody "knows nothing" about Obama's achievements. We suspect it's because there are none of note.

Come on Right Bloggers. Join me in this. Take down the fraudulent media by thoroughly exposing Obama's lack of substance and that mainstream media is no longer the fourth estate. They are the unindicted co-conspirators of the Statists who pull Obama's strings.

We are the fourth estate Right bloggers. Do your duty.

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