Friday, December 17, 2010

Moral Marshmallows Retreat -- For Now

One of my oldest understandings of Progressives our cowardly, voracious, power-mad institutional termites was how surprisingly willing they appear to be to back off when challenged.

I read a story at Drudge early in the day about how an Oklahoma bank was commanded by the Federal Reserve to take down its Christmas signage, ban employees from wearing "Merry Christmas" buttons, and remove the Christmas greetings even from its website. 

Then, late in the day came the report that the Feds had reversed themselves — for now — as can be seen from this piece at Ace’s: Feds Attempt to Force Oklahoma Bank to Remove Crosses, Bible Verses; Bank Fights Back and Wins.

I'm decided to post this primarily to explain the "For Now" aspects for this seeming retreat by our cultural assaulters.

This is typical of the apparatchiks, hence my "for now" interjection above.  “Apparently, this was all the fault of an overzealous Federal Reserve examiner.” Yeah — Right.

Guaranteed, the bank managers will feel the pain sometime down the road. It will be like the sword of Damocles hanging over them. How do I know? The Fed examiner was not named, and I am certain will not be reprimanded (unless he's foolish enough to display actual remorse — then he'd better watch out).

The Fed will keep reminding the bank honchos of it too of their inevitable comeuppance — probably through the next interchange with the same examiner who could make things more difficult. (I’m just sayin’ is all.) And it's likely the parent organization may find some way to send a signal to the Feds that they got the message — in a manner that will scapegoat some poor schlemozzel at the bank.

 Anyway, I don’t want anyone to who reads of this story to ever think that our eternal vigilance can ever end.

Isn’t it really too bad God doesn’t perform miracles anymore? You know what I mean — like opening up the earth and swallowing transgressors en masse for all the world to see. (No, the frozen butts of the COP16 cretins at Cancun early this month qualifies as fitting, not miraculous.)


  1. thanks for the heads up on the bank that fought back!-(via Crusader Rabbit)../

  2. Thanks for coming by C-CS.

    KG and RB have really been an inspiration. I'd not been this active in all the years I've either had my website (now defunct) or here.

    They are fighting in NZ, where its "leaders" appear to have drunk the Koolaid from the global hierarchal know-it-alls. Look at all they do despite living in a much less free country.

    I tried many years ago to fight in my community in L.A., even built quite a good track record. What I failed to realize and protect against was how organized was the Left, and how they could intimidate and corrupt. Since then I've been mostly lamely passed along my observations and opinions sprinkled with small glimpses of my experiences. Like how I warned about the inevitable second strike for which this Oklahoma bank needs to prepare.

    That warning serves two good purposes. One is preparing others for the next shoe to drop -- the retreat only come back to prob for another weak spot. The other is my hope others start to understand how these creeps operate. The more who see this sort of thing the better -- it's up to us to take up and run with the baton dropped by the decadent Fourth Estate.

  3. I'm an agnostic, and I find it ridiculous that the Feds were harassing the bank; the bank wasn't hurting anyone, and shouldn't hassled for it.

  4. I agree with you Bob. This sort of thing will continue until there's concerted push-back.

    However, in an effort to defeat the majority -- mirroring how the few in the Kremlin kept all of the USSR under their boot -- all the money being pored into the Fourth Estate is currently designed to divide, inculcate, or intimidate individuals.

    My new commentary today provides a bit more insight as to how the thought process of despots work. Those at the top are not the creative sort, so they go with what has worked in the past. For the acquisition of power over a large mass of people, Leninism was hard to beat.

    Dilemna? No, Choice


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