Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 11: Has Obama Ever Experienced Competence?

Each day since I launched the inquiry
President Obama: What of significance -- besides your great speechifying in front of properly working teleprompters -- demonstrates to the world your great competence at tackling tough problems in the past? We'd like to be reassured that you have a chance at tackling the great challenges currently facing America.  What proof have you that you are not The Dilbert Principle President?
there's been little to suggest that anyone else is willing to take on the scorn with which such an inquiry is sure to be greeted once the Minitrue is forced to no longer ignore it.

The primary reason that Minitrue continues to dominate the political scene is it owns the major airwaves. Its message is directed at passive viewers for whom there is no true avenue through which the viewers may disagree. But it will not remain that way once we in the blogosphere take our role as the New Fourth Estate seriously. The viewers will hear of what we're saying, and they'll see it for themselves. Shine the light and truth will out.

Surely forcing the MSM to respond to this campaign, demonstrating how lame they have been regarding Barack Obama, would prove it to ourselves.

We are a but a short way off from that now.  It is true that it seems few yet see how easy this could be would we dare to be the informational revolutionaries that this medium still allows.

But the opportunity may not last. Net neutrality could come at any time. Do what you can today. Please, dear Lord, help more to see the open door.

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