Friday, January 08, 2010


Independent radio talkshow host Michael Savage is playing with the idea of running for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

He considers his home state of California to be ill-advised because the libs would leave no stone unturned to re-elect Barbara Boxer despite her otherwise unlikely chances.

Although he hasn't stated it yet, he's looking for a red state that isn't afraid of having every other part of the country hating it for electing him. LMAO.

Since he's planning on running as a Republican in a primary against another Republican, he's gotta figure out a way to win despite widespread GOP opposition.  That would especially be true after he wins the pubbie nomination.

Oh. and is there another talkshow host who wouldn't be out to frag him?


  1. It's just another publicity stunt to gin up declining ratings and market share, like the autism thing. Alan Keyes and Ann Coulter would win Senate seats before Michael Wiener ever did.

  2. I'll not disagree that it is possible and even a producer's dream, but your publicity stunt idea would make sense for any number of other talkers.

    Savage is as often unpredictable as he is flawed, which isn't that much. What he is exceptionally good at is he really knows how to be irritating. As I see that as the kind of thing that pleases you, you two have something in common. There is thought behind it.

    This hint of a campaign carries a large element of risk. See, there are days that Savage clearly has a death wish, and this could be yet another flirtation.

    As for the sales element, I am buyting that even less. While other talkers with less share have begun behaving far more desperately to sell product, Savage gives it away. There are absolutely no commercials at the site

    I listened to Prager way more before he went nuts and supported TARP in a panic. He provided his podcasts for free too back then at where ads always appeared. Eventually they began to appear in Prager's clips too. And now Prager charges a fee for access to clips. Probably became necessary as long time listeners like myself abandoned him and his market share shrunk and income dried up.

    The Wiener Nation bit is obvious and funny, but not the idea of a more savage nation. Our survival instincts in particular have been numbed, and oue "sophisticated nation" is part of that, yes?

    Are you a Levin fan? Primarily it is wiener antagonist Mark Levin who regularly makes issue of it, and that's funny too given the way he insists on pronouncing his own name "La Vin." You do laugh, doncha? Anyway, the issue of savage-wiener began with Levin.


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