Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Allies versus The Postmodernists

Wow, what a difference a couple of generations make!

MTS at Hyperbolic Chamber draws a telling contrast between the Berlin airlift of 1945 and the international response to the Haitian earthquake. I could not help but notice two disparate phrases
  1. ...well-behaved population wise to what was going on and the efforts the Allies were making to keep them free.
  2. ...not even a week old, and already people are raising Cain about American and NGO inability to have the rescue and cleanup done already.
With 1 above, the Allies in 1945 found pleasure not just in thwarting what would eventually be labeled "The Evil Empire," but in knowing they had preserved the freedom for the residents of one war-devastated and politically isolated city.

But what exactly is in the mind of today's Postmodernist world leaders in 2 above? Well, as all rescue efforts are on-going, they provide us with 24/7 newscasts that mock the efforts of the rescuers whilst airing heckling from the sidelines. Chavezoids are tossing incendiary comments which gets full coverage as if someone important had leveled charges.
    Sufficiently annoyed by this current spectacle, it hit upon me that what is happening in Haiti is the Postmodernist nightmare our Incrementals would visit upon us all.

    Sinister Media is secretly getting off on this. They’re threatening us with what is their masters’ aim for postmodernity (that’s the future they wish on all humanity). They’ll gladly provide a Satanic leer at your request. God but the Incrementals are long past ripe, aren’t they?
    For you see I have begun to suspect that a primary reason our would-be übermenschen love this sort of event is that they have found a way for human suffering to heighten their sexual release.

    So, should we fail to dethrone our übermenschen, here is a troubling question to consider:
    In what sort of pickle will we find ourselves when they discover that small scale disasters no longer deliver the perverse kick they crave?

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