Tuesday, January 05, 2010

To Be Fundamentally Serious

Trying to be fundamentally serious (the life you save may be your own), one of the things I have been trying to convey here is that our Left has been handicapping for the terrorists.

I’m pretty sure most of you are getting the same impression. What Rickl might call “the thinking of the Left” — that’s what needs to be defeated NOW. That is needed whether or not the Left will (surely?) reappear later in another form as Teresita asserts.

What I’d like to find is the precise turn of phrase that can be shouted from afar at Western officials so that they cannot mistake that
1. we know what they have been doing and
2. we want them to STOP.
This is not golf where we there is a need to make the game more even so that it is more enjoyable for all who play.

You Western governments have not been given power to handicap our anti-terrorist forces so that the terrorists chances IMPROVE.
You have been given power to protect us, not to “entertain” us.

Stop wasting our resources and endangering our lives and start profiling. Janet Napolitano was prepared to profile returning vets, but not Muslims. One might get the impression that among Muslims hide her agents while our vets are her enemy.

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