Monday, January 04, 2010

"I Just Can't Understand..."

Thus ends a post at Belmont Club by commenter 42. vb:
Our enemies [Islamists] use our perceived weakness and degradation as a recruiting tool, and our elites sharpen their blades for them. I just can't understand how so many supposedly smart people can be so ignorant of basic psychology. [emphasis added]

Those who follow my line of thinking already can understand. I know the problems remain,
  1. how much dare you agree with me openly, and 
  2. how do we get others to take a "no more nonsense" approach with those who've risen to power?
Well, as I had just finished writing the above words, Wretchard posted again.
Wretchard, who is not as convinced as I am about the Western death cults having gained  hegemony, provided us an answer -- right on time! 43. wretchard:
Just as I predicted in the comments above, the UK Government has resolutely decided to be open to banning an Islamist march through the funerary route of British dead from Afghanistan. The Daily Mail reports:
Alan Johnson will support any request to ban a provocative march by Islamic extremists through Wootton Bassett, the town renowned for honouring Britain’s war dead.

The Home Secretary reacted yesterday to mounting public anger at hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s plan to stage the stunt.

Gordon Brown had earlier declared that he was ‘completely disgusted’ at the ‘abhorrent’ protest proposed by the firebrand cleric.
The politicians found their backbone when the population told them to look for it or else. The lesson here is real simple. If the leaders won’t lead from the front, they’ll from the rear. The real heroes here are the organizers who got together 250,000 Facebook signatures to give Gordon Brown his Come to Jesus Moment.

Organize, organize, organize. With organization comes confidence. With organization comes daring and boldness. People lose their fear. Do you know who’s feeling his gizzard churning right now? Anjem Choudary of Islam4UK.

He thought he could terrify people with his bristly beard and trash talk. Well he could terrify the politicians for sure. But once the public got mobilized the tables were turned. This needs to happen all over. Then you’ll see the Muslim ladies who’ve been beaten by their husbands, the girls threatened with honor killings, the teachers who’ve been intimidated by the radicals come forward. Haltingly, blubberingly. But never mind. It’s like that scene with Walter Pigeon from “How Green Was My Valley”. Walk, child, walk.

The role of the security forces is to keep the armed opposition in check. To provide the security screen for the really killing blow: the struggle of the mind. If we can free our intelligensia of the dead tyranny of Leftist ostracism and Islamist fear, who knows what they might blurt out.
What I've highlighted in yellow, my friends, tells you what you can do and why you must do it. Those at the top can have backbone infused in them from the courageousness of those below. Live it.

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