Monday, January 18, 2010


Recall grade-school discipline. Being sent to the principal's office for fighting. The instigator's laughed because their victim received the same punishment as them. The bully would beat on you and then the authority would punish you both equally. I saw it happen even to kids who didn't fight back. Principal "I don't care who started it" always behaved the same. Did you ever think back then that the bully was actually an agent of the principal? It never occurred to me.

Junior High School was even worse. Moving between classes meant that new-comers were open game to older, larger bullies they never met before. I was in the dean's office the first week of classes subjected to the same game. I felt stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Here was authority that not only failed to protect the innocent from the guilty, it too was loath to determine who was at fault. It treated both offender and offended equally; the offenders laughed. The message being drilled into victims was "better to accept some abuse than get caught in a fight." And still it never occurred to me that the bully was the agent of the authorities.

I bring this up because the behavior of homeland security today brings to mind so much of those jr. high days of 50 years ago. The behavior of those behind the politically cowardizing movement of the last two dozen years have incrementally brought that form of institutionalized victimization to society as a whole.

I am betting you are ready for someone to tell you that the system's programming was dead wrong. Those in charge owe you not only a reform of the institution of public protection, they owe you, at the very least, a big apology. The mavens of public policy should beg your forgiveness, especially where you have lost loved ones and liberty due to their treating criminals leniently (and now intend to treat terrorists the same way). All that due to the fake "Progressive" agenda of the power grubbing Incrementals. So, yes -- you do have good reason to suspect that "the agents of change" are using the terrorists much as the school system makes use of bullies.

Tell me you are ready for deprogramming. Deprogrammed -- that is, awakened -- citizens are the Incrementals' worst nightmare.

For each of you willing to admit they have been cowed a little, there are dozens more you know who are waiting for you or some other, very likely a demagogue, to tell them their anger is justified.

Mass deprogramming is just around the corner. Help it to gradually emerge or run the risk of being trampled by a stampede. The established order is losing its grip and adults need to be ready to lead. Understand me.

[Subsequently published: part 2.]


  1. We need leaders at all levels. Starting in your community up to federal level.

    In my part of the world good local and state leaders are not hard to find. But on the national level it appears that the pickings are slim.

    It also is doubtful that you could find anyone leader in today's age that would appeal to a majority. Conservatives like me don't like the fringe libertarians nor the moderate republicans any more than we like the loony liberals or the radical righties.

    So I have a narrowed view of what an excellent leader would be. For too long Americans have shunned politics and said just leave me alone.

    You can see where that has gotten us.

    Papa Ray

  2. It's us Ray. Something inside some of us will snap to attention when the time is right. God bless them, every one.

  3. 1.) Blackboard Jungle, a 1955 movie.

    2.) In any political meeting, the one who cries "Stop the bickering" has just marked herself as too naive to rightfully participate and, worse, willing to throw away her vote in exchange for a harness.


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