Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving Right On

Does anyone remember when MOVEON.ORG was founded?

IIRC, it was during Bubba's Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Well, taking a hint from this George Soros funded communist organization (hey, is GS funded and communist redundant yet?), our media and politicians just keep on moving on.

One lie after another, one scandal after another, one brazen power trip after another. Who in their right mind still believes we live in society governed by the people?

We really are being ruled by the ruthless who only claim to speak for a variety of interests groups. Any individual member who shouts out "Hold on buster -- you don't speak for me!" is dealt with by ignoring them. When ignoring them doesn't work, laughing at them. When laughing at them doesn't work, criminal proceedings ensue.

These are clearly not politicians in the democratic sense that they feel their interest lie with securing votes. Whatever it is they are, they are not democratic. They are moving right along imposing on us all whatever visions their financiers are telling them to impose.

Anyone who still believes that communism ever was anything than a wolf-in-sheep-clothing movement has not paid attention to its long history of death dealing to the common man. And now the Reds have moved on to calling themselves Green, and the word communist is almost never heard uttered outside of history books and on this blog.

Our rulers have indeed been moving right along.


  1. Not even the Communists are as communist as the watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) currently in charge of Congress and the White House. It was the ChiComs had to kill Copenhagen before the summit actually came to a binding resolution.

  2. Teh ChiComs were the ones with the most to lose; if there had been any binding legislation it would have wrecked the chinese economy overnight. Not that they would have paid any attention anyway.

    Pathetic, innit, Teresita, when the Chicoms look at US and say "Those idiots!"


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