Saturday, January 09, 2010

Our State of Decay...

Our state of decay is indicated to a great extent by what we are willing to put up with.

I get into arguments, sometimes heated, sometimes seemingly so (friends like to bare teeth at each other simply to stay in practice) over how bad our decay has progressed.

For instance, abandoning known leaders who have proven their principled stands (because the buzz is "he's good but he can't win") in favor of the less than qualified and the less trustworthy. You wind up voting for people for whom you have been relentlessly told: "because they can win." It all sort of runs afoul of the maxim "God helps those who help themselves."

When you vote against the guy you trust for the guy they want, and usually that is because of their money and influence is behind their guy, the chances are very good that you've fallen for the longest running confidence racket in existence; God has nothing to do with it.

So, I am directing this question of our state of decay at those who claim to be more faithful than I.

If you lack faith that your principles are worth defending in the relatively few times you are faced such a choice, what can you say in your defense when you appear before Him for judgment?

Well, I have one excuse in your favor. There is our news media. It is so bought that it allows into its ranks only true believers (e.g., Matthews and Olbermann) while spitting out any who it let in back when it was pretending to be fair (e.g., Stossel). The media, which really earned my label Sinister, is a constantly dissembling, disingenuous, outright lying partisan.

Worse. It is worse than any political party in a system where it (being labeled the "Fourth Estate") is supposed to ride rein on politics!

It has been granted access and privileges not available to ordinary citizens. And what do we find it doing most?  Exploiting its access with license. It uses its luxury of time and repetition to convince large bodies of our fellow Americans that the ends they endorse justify all sorts of means. And they win recruits to steal votes and engage in many other anti-democratic activities of which they are guilty of promoting with a wink. Media is our primary area of indoctrination outside of teaching colleges, and it remains primary in convincing teachers to stay indoctrinated after they become part of the edu-bureaucracy.

But, if you consider yourself a conservative, there are even worse people -- if you will allow me to call them that -- than those who are known sinister media-types. These are the likes of Michael Medved who never lets up on the idea of winning elections at all costs. Medved cut his teeth as a Leftist. If that isn't bad enough, he was a Leftist who engaged in agit-prop during the Viet Nam war.

Well, IMO, he's still doing it. No matter his protestations and books to the contrary, and his smarmy attacks on all those who justifiably worry about those in our institutions who have betrayed our nation and continue to do so, he is the quintessential wolf in sheep's clothing. He is the type who King Saul refused to believe existed at the cost of his crown and the continued existence of his country.

The aim of Med-type-heads is to shake the resolve of conservatives to stand by their principle. He and a few other influence peddlers very strongly helped bring about the dismal conditions governing in California. Somewhere in our future, the truth of what I am asserting will come out. But will it be too late for our nation? It needn't be.

This man and those like him are paid to broadcast for the conservative cause. He is relentless in his campaign to convince conservative voters and donors that their primary political interests lay not in promoting their principles, but in winning elections. Ronald Reagan proved, in the face of immense opposition, that speaking as a conservative actually sways minds and wins elections. He was clearly a firm believer that God helped him because he helped himself.

When your society and its institutions have been thoroughly decimated, will you feel comfortable with your defense that it all happened incrementally?

"What could I have done? That happened despite my party (with it's nominal conservative facade) winning periodically."

At that future meeting, will you say "I never dreamed my great country would meet its demise due to my giving up to sinister forces only a little bit at a time rather than checking to see what it was I was really giving in to"?

Are you going to tell your Judge that you never looked at where you made errors in the past?

Or are you going to say "Yes, I did realize that I'd made mistakes. But, alas, it was too late to correct them."

If it's this last one, you are sure to hear "So, you did realize you made mistakes."

What then what can you say when asked the logical follow-up:
"Didn't it occur to you to ask for forgiveness? Didn't it occur to you to promise never to travel down that path again?"
I shudder for the faithful who have to answer those last two questions. I know a few who will not be able to contain a sneer. That will be -- literally -- all He wrote darlings.

We are witnessing decay of the soul because of decay of the souls.


  1. I shudder for the faithful who have to answer those last two questions. I know a few who will not be able to contain a sneer. That will be -- literally -- all He wrote darlings.

    At death Man or God utters "Not my will but Thine be done" . . .eternity depends on who speaks.

  2. Good clear post. I'm glad that you agree with some of my rants over the last year or so. Or maybe relieved is a better word.

    Sometimes I dispare that I'm just typing into a bottomless well where all futile words go to die.

    Hopefully I have made some at least pay enough attention so that they may consider words other than what the media tries to get them to believe.

    Papa Ray

  3. I understand your inclination to despair Ray. This very post reignited a discussion with a very old friend in Texas. He accused me (again) of being a conservative purist. He completely ignoring my point about incrementalism and those who use it to erode the pillars of our society.

    He accused me of being more upset with those who claim to be conservatives than those who I fully disagree with. He can't seem to grasp the concept that his worst enemies are the ones who seek to hide their intentions. It is as if nobody who claims to be conservative and talks likes a conservative most of the time could ever be a traitor to him and what he holds dear. The idea of betrayal is totally lost on him.

    The most remarkable thing about my friend is that he had been the victim of betrayal at least two times: one was personal and the other professional.

    Those were instances where I have good reason to believe he was quite principled and the other parties simply took advantage. Really rotten.

    This same man can't see reason in my warning that politicians and celebrities who claim to be conservative need to be held to standards and we should share our judgment of their performance and warn others of their treachery.

    Maybe this is an abject lesson as to why there is good reason to behave honorably with our neighbors on an individual basis and also to discourage others who behave dishonorably through reproof. When people are constantly being victimized like my friend, maybe only a little bit here and there, it becomes far easier for them to tolerate BIG betrayals at a distance -- such as on the national stage.

    Using my friend's attitude as an example, each person who becomes inured to being a victim (indoctrinated to repetitive injuries) is ready to accept such betrayals. They are more likely than you to accept erosion of our country and individual rights. And they have a vote.


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