Monday, January 04, 2010

The Right Has Difficulties

Despite all the idiocy on the Left, the Right has difficulties making headway because radio spectrum occupying consortiums like Salem Radio give prominent time slots to notoriously slow talkshow hosts.

This morning I heard Dennis Prager say (my summary)
"I hadn't made the connection before that the Left both wants welfare states and smaller populations. That's contradictory! You can't maintain a welfare state without a growing population."

Because he is a popular advocate of conservative values, especially Judeo-Christian morality despite his personal failings (counter-intuitively non-hypocritical), I don't like slamming the guy.

Given his panicky support of TARP, this is not the first time Mr. Prager has permitted his total incompetency with regard to anything that requires some arithmetic skills (let alone simple math concepts like compound interest) get in the way of him speaking on a financial subject.

More and more the blogosphere is necessary to set the record straight or to challenge "conservative" talkshow hosts before their wider access to listeners, and thus easier ability to influence, can cause damage. The Right cannot counter the Left when those who control the airwaves may have an unknown agenda that may not match the individuals they pretend to serve. By no means is Dennis Prager the worst host Salem employs, but he frequently leaves me disappointed if not temporarily demoralized. What is known as conservative talk radio should never be demoralizing, but it frequently is.


  1. Pascal: "For conservative radio you'd want your daughter to marry...":
    Local guy out of Ann Arbor.

  2. Thanks for the tip Ed. So far so good.

    However, I'm starting to feel I need to listen to the Salem "conservative" radio shows because their not-quite-rightness needs to be challenged. It's a painful experience reminiscent of when I read local rags and watched network TV when they still made some effort to hide their bias. The worst of the lot is Medved (smarmy with conservatives callers), followed by Hewitt (condescending) -- both deeply RINO.


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