Monday, January 25, 2010

PSB Day 6 - Where is Tort Reformed Healthcare?

So: maybe you thought the threat to your health had ended?

It is six (6) days PSB.

Six days post Scott Brown.

So? Where is meaningful healthcare reform? The one that targets

1. Tort reform with or without ABA support?
2. AMA reforms that vastly reduce the need for litigation?

The Incrementals and Sinister Wingers have yet to address the heart of your message:

Kill the beastly cycle of cost increases that begins feeding itself due to the specter of law suits.

A great many on the Right still seem pretty confident that Massachusetts electing a Republican Senator means the end of ObumaCare. Yet the likelihood that our institutions of health care will get meaningful reforms are fading daily as the discussions have not turned in that direction.

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  1. The Democrats still control two branches of government and they won't initiate tort reform. They didn't get single payer by a direct assault, so they'll get it through the back door, by allowing lawsuits to bankrupt all the private insurance carriers. Then people will be forced to carry a government plan, because the government can't be sued.


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