Sunday, January 24, 2010

Startling Similarity Gone Unremarked

I received a bit of a shock this week when an activity that is properly reserved for private was being engaged in public. When seeking a way to describe it, the easiest way was to say it was a staged 66. I think it was agitprop provocation (I hope that combination isn't a redundancy) aimed at harming the establishment it was being staged in. No witness directly confronted the pair which may have disappointed them. The facility management is now aware of the tactic and that they may be targets.

Later, that got me to thinking one step further.  I did a google search for "the Mark of the Beast" and "Lucky Pierre."  I came up with nothing directly connecting the two despite them sharing the same abstract symbolism.

I find it startling that the similarity of these two symbols have gone unremarked, particularly by the religious community. Our institutions, religious too, are that PC?

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