Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Greg Craven: Still Hiding Behind a Smokescreen

A month ago I posted two commentaries Traffic-Light Propagandist and Blowing Smoke.

At Mr. Craven's request, using his pretty good index, but inadequate for my purposes, I indeed did view a good portion of his videos. By 20 December I had seen at least 30. I stopped searching for the answer to my most pressing question. because I was convinced that the answer to my question was not there.

For Mr. Craven and my readers, I repeat the question:

In exactly which of his over 70 videos did Mr Craven address the depopulation costs? I'm sure the world would be very interested in Mr. Craven's answer(s) to my argument that command-economic governments -- the type for which he provides succor; the type that were responsible for 100 million murders last century --  is the same kind of governments his fear mongering would visit on the globe .

I find it hard to believe that Mr. Craven does not know that what he is suggesting would ultimately install a collectivist global government, fulfilling the dreams of the deadly Soviet Union.

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