Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PSB Day 7 - Where is Tort Reformed Healthcare?

So: Because Sinister Media has been reporting that ObumaCare is dead, you think the threat to your health has ended?

It is seven (7) days PSB.

Seven days post Scott Brown.

So? Where is meaningful healthcare reform? The one that targets
  1. Tort reform with or without ABA support?
  2. AMA reforms that vastly reduce the need for litigation?
The Incrementals and Sinister Wingers have yet to address the heart of your message:
Kill the beastly cycle of cost increases that begins feeding itself due to the specter of law suits.
The likelihood that our institutions of health care will see meaningful reforms are fading and shrinking daily. The biggest winners are still 1) trial lawyers, 2) insurance companies (for now), and 3) Republican complacency. As long as the system continues to move as it has been moving, more people will find they are being forced to pay for those who exploit the system as it now operates. That guarantees that this issue will erupt again in future UNLESS the two primary issues identified up above -- in suitably fading smaller print -- are tackled. The next time Jason the Statists may win. Is that okay with you, ever?

Our leaders are too subject to the influence of the big money gamers of the current health care system. They will not lead unless the continually hear from you. Dear Congressional representatives, allow all your constituents to continue to protect their very lives to the extent they are able.
  1. Limit court awards to actual costs and no more than double penalties.
  2. Demand the AMA stop limiting the number of Med schools and students.
  3. Demand the AMA stop acting like a guild and more like a professional organization that defends and enforces the Hippocratic Oath.

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