Friday, January 22, 2010

Destroy the Whole Nation They Would

Mark Alger made a short post on Wednesday that I just noticed.

Sold Their Souls...

TO THE DEVIL a long time ago -- pace Glenn Beck, who Tuesday said that the soul of the Democrat Party is up for grabs.

I don't see the so-called Progressives yielding up their stranglehold on power within the party. I see them destroying it as a viable force in politics before they let that happen.

Somehow my friend overlooked the presence of the so-called Progressives in the Republican Party. The "if I can't have it, nobody will" is a form of covetousness as old as mankind. Didn't that guy Shakespeare write of it at least once? One character of which I am thinking: his name nearly spells out the problem at root.

The following was my reply:
Let alone the Dems; I am willing to bet that you’d settle for the nation recognizing how the so-called Progressives within the GOP have bent it and then do what is necessary to end "Progressive" influence.

The election of Scott Brown EXPLAINS how “Progressives” are necessary and even welcome in the GOP. He may or may not be a conservative at heart, but he already has spoken to Obama as if the Prez was the nice man that McCain called him. What is that old maxim about leaders and the need for them to feel the heat from below? (C’mon, you must remember when I don’t smile) Whatever it is, it puts the onus on us’ns. Work. (—“Work!” /Maynard G Krebs.)

Please provide me your suggestions on how to make the presence of Progressives
Incrementals in the nominally anti-Statist party unnecessary. We accomplish that, and the Dem party will expel them on their own (right after they cleanse themselves of radicals) just to stay in the game.

The Incrementals have been whittling away on our republic for most of the 20th Century. Our best guess is that got impatient and permitted the radicals to take over the legislative and executive branches.

Don't like Americans? Light your beacons, set you blazes, and lead from behind!

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  1. Special interests didn't buy the Demlican and Republicrat Parties because they wanted to help poor and sick people, they bought it because it was for sale.


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