Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Most Dangerous Envy of All

Those who claim there is no God will nevertheless covet the worship mankind bestows upon Him.

I suspect their anger becomes greatest when it comes to gratitude. Although gratitude is widely acknowledged as the weakest of emotions, there is no tyrant on Earth, big or small, who does not covet any small symbol of gratitude granted the God they disparage publicly as Your Invisible Friend.

I've observed before the apparently brilliant balance of the Ten Commandments.
  • The first Commandment is about wishing to be as close to God as possible: your nearest Neighbor, your surest Source of solace, of happiness.
  • The last Commandment warns about coveting anything that is your neighbors. 
What surer way to convince your neighbor to distance himself from you than for you to discomfort him by openly coveting what is his? In a way, are you not actively distancing yourself from him? Then extend that thought to those that distance themselves from Him.

And in a larger sense, is happiness what the covetous seeks, or is it the power to deny happiness to another?

When I say there are men who deny God exists, but nevertheless make war on this God that does not exist, what I'm seeing are men who would do battle with a concept outside of their knowledge simply for the purpose of denying to Him (just in case He exists) the happiness He wishes for His Creation.

Be ready to battle anti-theists and their sponsors, for they are determined to destroy any who stand by Him or defend those who do.


  1. Not really. As an atheist, I just want to be left alone from your beliefs. I want the goverment I live under to be left alone from your beliefs. I'm happy you have something in your life that you cherish. Just stop trying to get me to believe in it. That is all.

  2. The Founders of this country felt that this republic could not work without it citizens being religious. Sam Adams was representative of this notion when he said: "Religion and good morals are the only solid foundation of liberty and happiness." The religion was by default: Christianity.
    Granted, not everyone will be religious or happy in our republic, and that's fine. Even God Himself doesn't force you to believe in Him. But our government must be influenced by this religion. That was it's design. It is not designed (and it would be wrong) to force you to believe.

  3. Patrick, your atheist is no problem anymore than is my agnosticism.

    It was anti-theists I singled out.

    Among the anti-theists there are those of whom I speak. I'm guessing you cannot see it coming yet, but they will compel you toe their line where Christians and Jews will not.

    This is among the reasons the globalist "progressive" is protective of the radical Islamists: the Islamic threat is too useful to them as it aids in cutting down your freedoms (anti-profiling laws are a new invention that is totally without merit: discomfort trumps life-threatening? -- get real!)

    Maybe if you told why you are an atheist -- if your belief is reason based for instance -- it is to your benefit to come to grips with the fact that wannabe rulers will have all worshipping them one way or another. The way it has been played in the Sinister media is that all religions are equivalent. Global warming religion is far more dangerous to your future -- in principle and in fact -- than anything in the ethics of JudeoChristianity.

    You may repeat the shopworn phrase that so many people have died in the name of God, but the 20th Century's murders in the name of men only proved that men (claiming to speak for God) were always the problem, not the concept of God itself.

  4. Ed and Patrick,
    Another point that arises from "the most dangerous envy" that I did not state, but which follows, is that the Statists would make a religion of the State much as Marxists did.

    Pre-Christian, Augustus did precisely such a thing. It helped him to solidify his control of Rome so that he superseded all gods of the Roman republic.

    This Gaia/green cultism -- though they don't call it that yet; only us critics do -- is cunningly geared to fit a global state.

    Patrick, if you wish to remain an atheist, you should consider this behavior I am warning of carefully. Men who control state religions have never been pleasant fellows.


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