Friday, January 22, 2010

PSB Day 3 - Where is Tort Reformed Healthcare?

It is three (3) days PSB.

Three days post Scott Brown, and yes, yesterday we heard reduced talk of the ObumaCare juggernaut.  Could that be because Pelosi said she lacked the votes to force the Senate version on us.

Now expect Sinister Media will go relatively silent. The Incrementals and Sinister Wingers regroup. What was direly important before (ante) Scott Brown (ASB) is now, PSB, just another stalled siege of an American rampart.

But for millions of Americans, inadequate healthcare remians an issue. The price for seeing a doctor about non-emergency ailments is exorbitantly high.

It got that way because of the high costs related to legal fees made necessary by the stonewalls erected by the AMA.

And now that insurance companies are in the game, and have their own necks to protect, the largest of these -- like AARP -- have turned to the law to give them an edge over the less well-connected. Hence, the vile sausage known as Obumacare was molded, and Congress tried to stuff it down our throats. PSB it's been puked back out all over Reid and Pelosi while Obama acts as if he only got a few splatters. Maybe.
Anyway, the siege on the ramparts which protect you from the John Holdren's of the world has ceased for now. Which institutional rampart will the radical's concentrate on next? Banks? Wall Street in general? We'll know soon enough.

Meanwhile, where is meaningful healthcare reform? The one that targets
  1. Tort reform with or without ABA support?
  2. AMA reforms that vastly reduce the need for litigation?
The Incrementals and Sinister Wingers have yet to address the heart of your message:  
Kill the beastly cycle of cost increases that begins feeding itself due to the specter of law suits.

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