Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Deprogramming, part 2

The “make concessions to aggression” conditioning, to which I referred in Deprogramming, occurred in NYC public schools from 1951-59.

It would aid my model building to know approximately how many others have endured similar treatment or wound up finding another way out of the programming.

The reason I ask is I suspect the majority of my readers either never had to endure such conditioning or have already outgrown it to some extent.

Anyway, what is important to us who are fighting Statists is that I have good reason to suspect many urbanites have been subjected to this sort of conditioning and never saw a need to shake it. Thus, they remain at odds with the bulk of us who have. (And, BTW, there is good evidence that many on the Right are suffering somewhat similarly due to the strong influence that Incrementals have within the GOP and in "conservative" outlets.)

As a result they essentially are sufferers of a form of Stockholm syndrome under the thumb of urban ruling machines. They view conservatives as those who’ll upset their world as they think it must be.

For instance, Peter Boston’s experience recounted at 136 matches my own with those friends and family who remained in the East.

One of the reasons I run by you ideas for new ways of saying things is I am always seeking words that will break barriers. I constantly try to break off more of the sheeple from the herd. I’ve had remarkably good success on one-on-one bases. But it is a terribly slow process. And, don’t forget, I live in the heart of a Mexican-American area of Los Angeles (with a Marxist congresscritter in CA31 who was sought for the office by white Marxists (disguised as liberals) because he was Latino, and a gang-member/ACLU mayor who is there in large part due to aid from the same extreme-Left white forces).

In order to gain ground on way-laying the Statists and other Sinister Wing forces from stealing votes in the future, we must find ways to heal more urbanites of their Stockholm Syndrome. They need help to recognize why their best long-term interests are served when big city machines are defeated in diluting the voices of legitimate voters. Hence the reason for this additional post.

How many of you experienced similar conditioning in school?
How did you break free?
For those who never endured or succumbed to it: how did your parents manage to protect you from it? (In this, I had pretty good success with my kids, but much of it had to do with showing up, applying pressure, being willing to move and having some good luck).

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