Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PSB Day 8 - Where is Tort Reformed Healthcare?

After the State of the Union address, it is clear that Sinister Leader is as determined as ever: "I do not quit!" When he finally dared broach the subject, this remained his focus:
"The approach we’ve taken would protect every American from the worst practices of the insurance industry."
Gee, somehow he never touched the issue of tort reform at all. (Insert your sarcasm if you got some).

It is eight (8) days PSB.

Eight days post Scott Brown. And you really thought that marked the end of the radical agenda? Hm.

So? Where is meaningful healthcare reform? The one that targets
  1. Tort reform with or without ABA support?
  2. AMA reforms that vastly reduce the need for litigation?
The Incrementals and Sinister Wingers have yet to address the heart of your message:
Kill the beastly cycle of cost increases that begins feeding itself due to the specter of law suits.
The likelihood that our institutions of health care will see the most meaningful of reforms have shrunk even more.

It will take you shoving your opinion down your "representatives" throats, or they will ram HR3200 up your hind quarters.


  1. You missed the president's comments on tort reform last eve? You must have nodded off when he swore allegiance to the trial attorneys. No one feels the pain of the unfair system more than physicians like me. For a physicians viewpoint, see under Legal Quality.

  2. Nice tongue-in-cheek there Doc. I like it.

    I'm well aware of your problems with the system and have been railing against it ever since I saw the beginnings of the undermining of the Hippocratic Oath. A 1988 philosophy book titled "The Abuse of Casuistry" got at least one of its authors a policy making position with the CDC. The rest of the story is still unfolding. Provide me with some more info and I may be able to help you.

  3. Another thing Doc. If you hadn't looked at my entry from day 7, do so now.

    I may have the role of the AMA all wrong, but there is something wrong on the medical profession's regulation, in conjunction with the legal profession and the insurance industry that's flourished because of that inter-relationship, that needs addressing in a manner very different from the way DC is handling it now. So I'd like to hear you sound off on what I call "the beastly cycle."


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