Tuesday, December 29, 2009

See? You Matter Blogosphere!

Yesterday, when I published BHO: "Great Job Brownie, uh,... Janet", I was hoping that others immediately saw what I saw. And it looks like that is true. It wasn't only about Napolitano, it also involved the man who is responsible for her: Barack Obama.

So Congratulations bloggers on saying what needed to be said so that a day later Matt Drudge's headlines announce to the world that you were effective at getting the word out.

Here are the Drudge headlines.
Obama under fire on national security...
Says 'systemic failure' allowed airline plot...
Breach Was 'Catastrophic'...
Many question 'system worked' comment...


  1. I gotta say, Pasc, that the Brownie reference went right by me until I heard it again on a talk radio show. I think Bill Bennet. Then I remembered your post.

  2. Ed, I swear my memory is a curse at times. I often presume others will remember because I have remembered, and I'm often wrong. Og tells me I should expect to be disappointed. I hate explaining things unless it's needed, because I prefer to keep my posts short when I am able. Every explanation has potential to set me off on another tangent. Tangents are good for brain storming but bad for concentrating on single issues.

    Anyway, this is why I warn all my readers (see lower left sidebar), that when you see me refer to something you don't recognize, ask me "WTF are you talking about Pascal?" :)


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