Monday, January 31, 2011

And the Winner is "SKUNC"

Many thanks to all the contestants who entered. I hope you all had fun poking fun at the members of the "progressive" RINO unfaithful, deceitful wing of the GOP.

The winning entry was submitted by Guy S, proprietor of the blog Snugg Harbor.  Congratulations Guy. Check your email to find the more substantive thanks for providing me with what I consider to be the acronym with imagery that most closely fulfilled my request. 

Guy tried many entries until he struck on the acronym SKUNC. Guy played with variations on the words that comprise SKUNC, which is the essence of what wordplay is all about. When he came up with what I considered the leading candidate to win the contest, I encouraged him to rearrange the underlying he had so that no articles or prepositions were required. So he came up with
Statists Knowingly Undermining National Charters
shortly thereafter. This works because the drive to undermine all western nations so that they accept a global government appears to be the foremost common attribute all over the world. Like suddenly the words of John Lennon's Imagine -- "imagine no countries" -- are now permissible to incline towards, if not openly utter, everywhere around the globe. The fact that the "leaders" so represented stink of their duplicitous intentions, makes them all candidates for the label SKUNC.

Now, once we recognize that there are a wide number of national "leaders" so inclined, why not go on to the next step? Why not recognize that the SKUNCs are setting the stage to make their countries vassels of an international body?

Well, the current body that comes closest to that is the UN. Guy and I and Joan of Argghh! have found one formulation that is most agreeable to all three of us. We think that
Statists Kneeling to United Nations Control
pretty much provides a vivid  image of the international "dignitaries" bowing to the new world order and giving away their country's sovereignty by treaty. If the United States does that, a signed and ratified treaty could put its armed forces under the command of the UN or whatever new name the international body finally decides upon.That would provide the UN the clout it now lacks. No country on earth could withstand her, and that includes us in the U.S. of A.

To my mind, the Kneeling version pretty much describes the behavior of the as yet undeclared globalist leanings of those in ruling positions or high elective office around the globe. And so I personally recommend "Statists Kneeling to United Nations Control" to any and all who might care for a new descriptive acronym.

So far the only leaders who appear to be running against this trend toward a new, but now world-wide, collectivist government, are those in a good number of the former iron curtain countries of Eastern Europe. But that remains to be seen.

There are some very powerful people -- the type who cast but shadows on Plato's cave wall -- who are on the verge of achieving an ages old dream of world domination. Does anybody believe a few small bloc Eastern bloc nations, Switzerland, Singapore, and Taiwan, are going to resist this force, do you? Once the US has succumbed, all are doomed.

The "shadows" think that the only force that could stop them now does not exist. And if He does, well, why not force His hand and get it over with? We are witnessing the age of the truly arrogant and dangerous. I pray the bulk of us survive it. Innocent human life is sacred. Innocence should not be weighed based upon the usefulness of the life as subjectively determined by the human animal determinations management of they who seek to rule Earth.

We still do not have [Update: we do] a special name for the "progressive" Statist members of the Republican Party for which RINO I find thoroughly inappropriate and laughable. It is their activity over which is most threatening. Should they vote with the Democrats, there would be enough votes to sign away United States Sovereignty under the treaty provisions of the US Constitution. Should they go far enough, they will give away to the UN body the full power of the US and its military. That would be the teeth for enforcement the UN currently lacks. For those traitors I've a special modifier for SKUNC that I plan on revealing tomorrow.

Let today belong to Guy S.

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  1. Thank you Pascal (And to fair Joan as well!). I suspect we all may have fallen short of our duties and obligations be it at work, or in other areas. However, most folks will seek to remedy this as soon as possible. The SKUNC's and their compatriots doing the human "Trojan Horse" (hiding in the hollowed shell of a Republican, when in reality, they are garden variety Democrat ... err ... Socialist, Progressive, or worse, is a blatant example of falling far short of honoring ones duties and obligations, it demands a willful intent of doing this ... lying to their constituents and the American peoples at large.

    And yet, they are voted into office, time and time again. It is long past time we did some serious house (and Senate) cleaning. There is too much going on around the world which demands we have our own house in order before we address these issues.

    Anyone know a good exterminator or animal pest control personel who could deal with this?

    And again, thank you both very much.


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