Monday, January 03, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Weapon Now Reality?

Falling birds likely died from massive trauma

I invoked the speculation of my title only because it's one that Minitrue the Agency of Lies has not yet tried to hype since this story broke.

In the CNN video at the link, the wiseacres there figured it was sly to mock all those who legitimately do not trust the government by posting one after another crackpot comment and video.

Bottom line: the Agency of Lies will be attempting, over and over again, to condition* us away from criticizing the agents in government. There are people in government who are disloyal to the American republic, and their comrades in the Agency of Lies are paid to divert criticism against them -- usually by personal attacks leveled against the critics. Fallacies in play: "ad hominem," "guilt by association," and "change the subject."

For those who don't know or are in need of recollection: in the title of this post I'm referring to the sonic weapon of Atlas Shrugged that the govt moochers had commandeered. Then they put its control in the hands of a dolt who refused to listen to warnings from the scientist who had invented it.

As I recall, the dolt inadvertently, and in a moment of pique, wiped out all life in a number of states.

So it is only natural for one to wonder what bird-brain caused the current mass animal deaths.

I'm pretty sure some apparatchik will scan the blog headlines, and not read the underlying message here, and then go on and use this headline as another example of extreme lunacy in response to the dead bird story.

****Update 4 Jan 2011****
Two things on Glenn Beck demonstrate how he is one step behind me.
  • Ca. 5 minutes into the 2nd hour: "Not going to wait for a leader. I will lead." (For a couple of months now I've had tagged onto all my streams "We Recognize and Encourage the Leader in You.")
  • Ca. 18 minutes into the 3rd hour of broadcast: "Maybe it was a sonic weapon" that killed the birds.
This reiterates something I've said since I first heard Rush. "He doesn't say something on air until something like it has been heard amongst conservatives in the general public. Rush, in filling the void created by the censors in establishment media, made a mint."
Paraphrasing the protagonist from "The Sixth Sense:"
I see conditioned jackasses.
I see them all the time.
They don't know they're jackasses. *sigh*

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  1. It would not be the first time an agent or agency of the government did some "testing" of a weapon (NBC or other sort) on parts of the populous, or did not think things through in doing some sort of test where the unintended consequence(s) resulted in a "secret test" being brought to at least a segment of the populations attention. The last part being a benign test of systems which was not specifically intended to damage critters or humans, just not fully thought through by those doing the testing.


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