Monday, January 17, 2011

Old Line Republicans

Republicans who still follow the old party line, right or wrong, may be even more dangerous to our liberties than are the liberals who are similarly tied to the Democrats.


Because they still fall in line with every POS talk show host (e.g., the craven Medved) who finds something nice to say about our current Marxist in the White House.

Because they still will follow the lead of members of the NRSC and donate to anti-TEA party RINOs SKUNCs, and vote for those Dem protectors.

Because they will turn on you faster than a mad dog should you question their sound judgment.

I have more hope in swerving a few liberals over to the conservative point of view than I have for old line Republicans who haven't had a fresh thought since Herbert Hoover. The only reason they voted for Ronald Reagan -- because he could WIN.

These jackasses would not know a principle if it was what kept their own hardened heart beating.


  1. Damn straight!

    (BTW, did you go with SKUNCs and where to send the $25?)

  2. Joan,

    The Contest ends on Jan 31. I have periodically posted a reminder in posts each week. I'll do that again soon.

    That aside, I do like SKUNCs quite a bit. However, it applies to a much wider group of skunks other than those who reside in the GOP. Look at all the SKUNCs who dissolved their borders to join the EU despite their people's desires. Or the ones in Oz and NZ who've had their borders flung open by globalist lackeys who are only a bit less leftist than the crooks of the labor parties whose treason they were elected to remedy.

    The SKUNCs of our GOP are perhaps the worst of all, because should they succeed in undermining the US to globalist interests, they will have killed the one guarantor and hope of the rest of the world. Once we fail, what chance do any of the others have?

    No, the GOP SKUNCs are on the road to earning a far worse label to be hung around their treasonous necks. I wonder: is there a poisonous snake that also stinks? Because they are largely not deceitful, skunks do not deserve being associated with these GOP rats.

  3. Oh come on Pascal! You have that cute little picture of Disney's "Flower" from Bambi, running through your head, when you think of a skunk. These are the Progressives "flowers" we're talking about here (and by extension, Obambi's ... the play on words is now full circle *grin*), and they are no where near as cute or cuddly as Walt's version.

    And you are correct in describing the Northeastern version of old time GOP, or Rocifeller Republicans, if you will. But I would tend to believe an old Goldwater GOPer would feel a bit different . However your idea has at least the kernel of truth to it, and should not be dismissed out of hand.

  4. Actually, I have a bit more experience with literal skunks. They are pretty much "don't bother me and I won't bother you." The young ones can get a little carried away at times, but for the most part, they quite naturally turn their backs on you and hoist a fair-warning flag.

    Our subversives will go out of their way to give aid and comfort to those who openly hate the US, and then turn and be outraged, outraged I say, that could even think of them as anti-American. It's the kabuki dance of the damned.

  5. I was thinking along the lines of the "Ompa-Lumpa" Dance, from the first movie version of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Have no wish to cast dispersions on those who are honorable and talented masters of the art of "real" Kabuki dance. (Grin)

    That being said, I think there are even more "warning signs" afoot as to what is taking place right under our noses. I shall have evidence to that effect up within the hour. Keep your powder dry!


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