Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children, Updated

My apologies Readers 

Although this version is narrated in English, it has subtitles that ARE NOT IN ENGLISH as was the original that I'd posted about before. There are several segments in this one wherein Russian and other speakers are not understandable because the subtitles are in another language other than English.

As you view the one below, you miss out on too much of the narrative to carry the story -- and so the film loses much of its effectiveness.

I will continue to search for the return of the English subtitled version of this film that I'd seen before. I will update this thread again when I do.

Thanks for your understanding.

The videos of the astounding documentary film, The Soviet Story, has become available again. This time it is in two parts so that maybe it won't overload this host's servers.

Part 1
[There are videos that may not appear in some feed streams. Click through to the blog to see them.]

Part 2

For my commentary on this film, and why viewing it is important for our times, please go to my original post Fight the Advance of Stalin's Children.

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