Saturday, January 29, 2011


Andrew Klavan has another humorous demonstration about where good liberal intentions are leading.

But Mr. Klavan only suggests all this in biblical terms and images. I've no idea why he did not connect the Hell he is suggesting to the Hell on Earth so many other humans had to endure in the past and even today as subjects of Leftist tyranny.

So I will take it that extra step. Ironically, it will be the Left who'll be the most unprepared. Pray for them when you pray for America and yourselves. Honestly, they know not what they do.

When the liberals and Leftists are no longer needed, they will be chewed up by the all powerful state they helped create. 

When the false promises fail, as they must, the most visible Leftists will be sacrificed as scapegoats. The process is so progressive regressive that it's positively pagan. This follows from the premise that the total state is infallible and the "there are no enemies on the Left" doctrine. 

The schnooks will be demonized as counterrevolutionary fascists, forced to confess, and then imprisoned, brutally punished, and slowly and painfully killed. It may even be broadcast live as there will no longer be need to hide these practices. Their consequences will serve as warnings to all the rest of the subjects. 
"Be still, accept your fate, and we may let you live a bit longer and without extra pain." 
The promise of The Terror will have come into its own.

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  1. The Commies are masters at this, just ask Trotsky...err wait a minute, never mind.

    Those who are the "real true believers" in (this case) Communism will indeed be the first to go. They want things to work as outlined by Marx and company. Unfortunately, those in power would prefer to keep the power and perks to themselves, and let the working stiffs... mmmmm... I mean "Comrades", to keep working for them.

    Not that this kind of thing would ever happen here. [/snark]

    Oh, and don't forget the SKUNC's, they are also useful tools for the advancement of the progressives. They will also fine their time is limited.


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