Thursday, January 13, 2011

American Founders Suspicious of Power Seekers

In an update to his recent post, Fran Porretto highlights the Left spinning news of events for political gain. I sought out and found a video which goes further than that. It proves the depravity of the hard Left. They eagerly wished for tragic events with which its propaganda arms might pummel the Right.

The following are an more extensive version of my comments to Fran and DebS.
1. On Leftist demagoguery: Providing proof of your charge
“Opportunist politicians are seeking, ineptly but determinedly, to use it as a Reichstag fire moment,”
we have this video of Presidential adviser Mark Penn’s words being enthusiastically received by Chris Matthews in which Penn says.
"Remember: President Clinton reconnected through Oklahoma.... Obama needs a similar, a similar kind of act."

2. On seeking to turn the Right’s sense of decency against itself: Your update is important in how it highlights how the Left will attack every point of weakness, don any disguise, to shut down opposition to their accumulation of power. I will seek to use it to amplify my recent graphic warnings and to encourage many more to fight Leftist and Statist goals.

The current rapid growth of power in Washington (or in any nascent globalist entity) they seek to run must be fought. The hard Left are Stalin’s children, and are on the road to making Stalin’s megalomania look tame by comparison.

3. Re DebS “When...has there been no suspicion of government?”: With the 20th Century's legacy of over 100 million systematic murders of subjects under Leftist rule, the world ought to be grateful for, and embracing of, America’s founders being suspicious of those who seek power over all God’s children. The mocking by Leftists and SKUNCs of all those who are suspicious of government growth is hardly reassuring. Limits on government in order to reduce the governments' allure to criminals is what makes America different from all other thugocracies.

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  1. I had also posed that question to my sixteen year old; to open up discussion about what happens when one does not study factual history in order to learn. Patterns repeat. We cannot change that. Human behavior has precisely predictable consequences.

    The only thing left to do is figure out how to avoid/survive the ugliness coming.


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